1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Firing Shots At Our Teams-Our City-Our Situation”

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“Firing Shots At Our Teams”


CHARGERS…..Shellshocked players began exit meetings with their coaches, coming off the horrible beatdown in New England. The game plan put together by Defensive Coordinator Gus Bradley made no sense. Trying to go with 7-DBs against Tom Brady, when the Patriots coaching staff had a bye week to put in game plans. Brady picked them apart going (34-44) with 4-dropped passes. The Patriots hit crossing patterns, then went over the linebackers for deeper completions, and then mauled an undersized defense when they ran Sonny Michel. What worked against a freaked-out rookie QB-Lamar Jackson last week in Baltimore, was not going to workout against a Hall of Fame QB. How could they ever think they could hold up. The offense never got on the field against a Patriots team that had (38) minutes time of possession. This is on Anthony Lynn and Gus Bradley. A blown opportunity-maybe the last opportunity for Rivers to be in position to play in a Super Bowl.

RAIDERS NATION-MAYOR’S OFFICE….I don’t understand the ‘inertia’ from Mayor Kevin Falconer in not trying to push a deal thru to get the homeless Raiders to come to San Diego for their final NFL season before they go to Las Vegas. It Mark Davis was willing to spend 7.5M to rent the Oakland Coliseum, wouldn’t that price have gone to San Diego to rent SDCCU Stadium for one season. That 7.5M would offset a large chunk of the 11M our city pays to maintain the mostly empty ancient stadium here. Someone explain that to me.

SAN DIEGO STATE…Waiting for the shoe to drop, or axe to fall, on some of the football staff. Rocky Long need to evaluate the coaches in his office after a substandard finish to a once promising season.

SAN DIEGO FLEET…No buzz in the community when there should be, as the team holds nearly month long workouts with the other 7-teams in the Alliance of American Football in San Antonio. If Mike Martz finger prints are on the team, it will be a fun experience. I don’t understand the leadership of the team, not one press conference in San Diego yet, since Martz hiring. No preseason workout presser, no here are out coordinators conference, no presser to unveil their snazzy uniforms. Missing a good chance to sell football here. Strange methodology from the new leadership of a team that could be sitting on a gold mine if done correctly.

PADRES….So Wil Myers will be your left fielder, that’s okay, for he will work at it. The team has been unable to trade the 64M-left on his contract to try to get a quality pitcher. But with Myers going back to left field, there are now 6-established flychasers on the roster. And this is a team that has no legitimate shortstop, or third baseman, and no front of the rotation veteran pitcher, just a month away from the Cactus League start. GM-AJ Preller can, and may likely, make a trade yet, though he seems unwilling to pay a hefty price to get a starter, whether that is the Indians Corey Kluber or the Yankees extra starter Sonny Gray. Expect a trade still to come.

BRING BACK THE BROWN….The Padres unveiled their 50th anniversary logo for the franchise, in a wide array of color themes, blue-brown-gold. A year from today, they will have unveiled their new uniforms, hoping that 2020 will look good not he field, and that 2020 will be a wildcard playoff season.

AZTECS….This has been a really disappointing basketball season, and I don’t see it getting any better. Teams are defending Devin Watson and Jeremy Hensley into the parking lot, knowing there is not a lot of consistency from Jalen McDaniels and Matt Mitchell. This has the makings of a (.500) season, a far drop-off from what it used to be in the Steve Fisher era.

USD…The worst thing that could happen, not losing, but injuries, has happened. Ollin Carter, Isaiah Wright, both out a week into the West Coast Conference season. Isaiah Pinero cannot do this by himself and the depth of the roster is starting to show its shortcomings.

GULLS….They’re hot, this (11-0-2) run, and you better enjoy it because the Anaheim Ducks will likely be calling up the Gulls young goal scorers shortly. The Ducks are in the middle of a record setting 11-game losing streak. They might also take coach Dallas Eakins shortly if Randy Carlisle cannot rally this team.

SEALS….I thought San Diego fan would like lacrosse and the opening night crowd of 8,000 or so was impressive, as was the electricity on the field during the game. We’ll see what they draw going forward.

SOCKERS…Good team, little marketing, small crowds. Don’t understand ownership’s views of how you are supposed to draw when you don’t promote.

STRIKE FORCE….A month out for the Arena League indoor football team. Camp will be opening shortly and it will be interesting to see the array of indoor talent they give just hired coach Burt Grossman. It’s a quarterback-wide receiver-cornerback league, this indoor game.


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