1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Free Agency-Let the Bidding Begin”

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“Baseball–News & Notes”


Jumping around the baseball road map:

DODGERS…..Was not surprised LA did not make an (18.4M) qualifying offer to Clayton Kershaw, but it does not rule out they might give him an incentive loaded deal that could get him upwards of 18M if he stays healthy, and health is the key word.  Would he ever consider going to the Angels or go home to Texas…maybe?  LA’s decision to spend 8.5M to sign ex Angel-Yankee Andrew Heaney was a stunner.  Last seen, he gave up 29-home runs last season and the Halos released him and the Yankees gave up on him in October.  Of the Dodgers headed to free agency, the one who could leave is SS-Corey Seager, who probably is seeking 5Y-125M or more.  Still unresolved is the Trevor Bauer contract status, that could free up another 60M in payroll if the Dodgers get rid of him.  But understand this, there will be grievances coming and that will tie up the money, if LA tries to dump Bauer and his sexual predator personality.

ANGELS….They need pitching, lots of pitching and they will have to overpay to get some quality.  Maybe it’s a Justin Verlander and a Clayton Kershawk.  Short term big money deals with options might be the only way to lure pitchers to Angels Stadium, but having the Mike Trout and his friends bats in the lineup should be a lure too.  The Halos could help themselves more if they made a run at Jon Gray-Rockies…Robbie Ray-Toronto..Marcus Stroman of the Mets or Steve Matz-Toronto.  It will take multi years and money to get them.  All these non playoff seasons at the Big A because of injuries and substandard pitching.

PADRES…You may like him, I may like him but the MO of AJ’s way of doing business continues to astound me.  So here we have utilityman Jurickson Profar.  A (.227-hitter) last year…he will get over 8M next season, picking up his option with San Diego.  Who pays a utilityman, who has had more bad seasons than good seasons, that kine of money?  AJ does.  Waiting to see what the price tag is to bring back Mark Melancon to San Diego after a sizzling season.  Is he a 10M dollar man?  Do you offer him a multi year deal or a deal with options?  What happens to your bullpen if somebody else does something crazy in the off season with hin?  Why did you not attempt to do an extension in midseason or before the season ended?  How much trouble are you in if he exits, and your so called closer is Drew Pomeranzy, who has had non stop arm problems for 3-or-4-years. How can you trust him and his health?  And by the way, that’s another bad Preller payday deal.  Is it not?

Let the bidding begin.

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