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Gulls–New Era-Next Coach”

The San Diego Gulls have been a raging success in the American Hockey League since the AHL expanded to the West Coast four years ago.

Record setting attendance, 4-strong seasons, a strong working agreement with the Anaheim Ducks, and a superb job by head coach Dallas Eakins.

Eakins is headed to the Ducks as their NHL head coach.

Kevin Dineen, a former NHL head coach, a strong AHL head coach, and a player who spent 19-years in the NHL-scoring 355-goals in a rock-solid career, comes in as the Gulls next head coach.

He is the son of legendary WHA coach Bill Dineen-who coached Gordie-Mark-Marty Howe with the Houston Aeros and Hartford Whalers….he brings a long respected career with him to San Diego

A track record of success, but facing a major task on their roster, with the Ducks likely to take up virtually all of the rookies who dominated the roster the last couple of years.

GM Bob Ferguson hand picked Eakins. He worked against Dineen when they were coaching in AHL..against each other with the Portland Pirates of the AHL in the early 2000’s.

Bob Ferguson-General Manager

..We congratulate Dallas Eakins on his promotion to Anaheim.
..We believe in player development for Anaheim
..Want to develop them to play in NHL and win in the NHL
..Kevin knows about winning-he was with the Ducks when they won the Cup in 2007
..He’s passed the test-knows how to develop players
..He has understanding of NHL and how the AHL operates.
..He’s been so successful everywhere-want someone knows success
..We have good people in Anaheim with success-now we have coach with it.

Kevin Dinnen-Quotes

..Thrilled to return to the Ducks organization after time in Florida and Chicago
..Hockey world is small fraternity…we all know each other
..San Diego is considered a landmark franchise in the AHL
..Growth hockey San Diego-7 rinks up and running in area
..Our role is to produce players for the Ducks
..I have expectation for success in this market.
..Head coach 9-years..have a sense this is what I should be.
..Worked with Joel Quennevhlle in Chicago-learned a bucket of things
..Wanted a chance to run my own program again…Ducks great commitment to win
..Not all days in hockey are roses.
..History learn develop players-take something from everywhere you been
..Rely on own experiences from my NHL career.
..Style as player .my work ethic was important..honest-sincere effort
..Yes-constant churn players with your roster in AHL
..We have diverse with culture background, age difference
..I give a lot feedback to our players-
..When you are the rink for 4-hours-get your business down.
..You need symmetry between NHL-AHL team..style of play we will use
..We had some really good players in Portland from the Ducks
..We will have level of defense to win championships.
..Dallas and I are in a coaches fraternity…we go back years
..What he has done here for the last four years is amazing
..Learned from bad experience in Florida…4-fabulous years in Chicago
..Painful lesson with Panthers…how you play..use personnel….learned a lot


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