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“He Speaks Pitchers Language”


I always liked Bud Black, the pitcher, the person, the manager, the leader.

A smart man, an intellect, and a competitor.

This will be a challenge for him, to manage the Colorado Rockies, especially up there, at Coors Field, where pitchers get plastered. Oh the memories, make your best pitch, and watch it sail into the parking lot.

Fly ball don’t die out there. They just go out in Denver.

No lead is ever safe regardless of what the scoreboard says, especially if the other guy still has an at-bat.

He inherits young, power arms. Throwers who can bring heat, but they also walk batters. Pitchers, with little experience, about to walk thru the gauntlet of pitching 15-times this year in Denver, if they stay in the rotation.

It’s the Colorado version of home run derby.

The Rockies are known for hammering the ball in the thin air up there. Not just home runs, but tons of extra basehits in the expansive power allies.

The standard joke in baseball, was the home-road split of All Star shortstop Troy Tulowitzki. At one point, in his final season, before the Rockies dealt him to the Blue Jays, he was batting (.280) on the road, and (.631) at home.

He’s not the only one. Nolan Aronado, Carlos Gonzalez, Ian Desmond, and so many more.

And the history is there too, Andres Gallaraga, Larry Walker, Dante Bichette, Todd Helton, and so many more.

But Black speaks a unique language. “Been there-done that”. Do not forget he had good years with the Giants, and he had good outings and got bombed too at Coors.

Listen to Black’s opening camp comments about what he told his pitchers in their first team meeting this weekend.

“My conversation is to develop a mindset to have success there”

“I can help any pitcher there, mentally, physically, emotionally”.

“I’ve been in the same tough spots they’re going to be in”

“There is an inherent unfairness to pitching at Coors Field”

“Coors eats up pitchers egos”

“Ignore the selfishness of your pitching stafs”

“The psychology of pitching in that park-you’re going to get punished”.

The Rockies have bats, lots of them. Lots of young arms too.

He speaks the pitchers language. Will the message get thru to the cadre of young arms in that rotation?

Fascinating baseball season ahead for Bud Black, manager, psychologist-Colorado Rockies.


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