1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Kicking Dirt on an NFL Grave-Necessary?”

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“Kicking Dirt on a Grave”


They put Aaron Hernandez into a hole yesterday in Bristol, Connecticut. His funeral service included family, friends, but no one from the New England Patriots organization.

Not his coaches, nor teammates. In fact only 3-NFL players were there, ex-Bills-Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes, and former Florida teammates Mike Pouncey of the Dolphins and Maurkice Pouncey of the Steelers.

And as he was laid to rest, more and more dirt came to the surface about him, while dirt was being filled on top of the casket.

Newsweek went public with its probe, saying the ex-Patriot star was bisexual, dating all the way back to high school days in Briston, and that he used his gang influences to keep his private affairs, private.

They theorize Odin Lloyd, whom Hernandez shot 6-times, and went to prison for, had made a joke about the player’s sexuality, and that is why he was murdered.

Sources told the magazine, Hernandez was about to be outed by others in prison in Shirley, Massachusettes, and that is why he killed himself.

Other media reporting Hernandez had become ‘insecure’ in prison, and had become linked with a violent gang, seeking protection.

Banks report he transferred large amounts of money after his arrest, some to his fiancee and child, but the biggest amount, to his gay boyfriend from high school.

The three suicide notes seized by police inside his cell, will be shown to the family.

And the report hew was invovled with dealing K-2, synthetic marijuana, under investgation.

Going forward, there will be lots more to be reported, especially the cause, and the inner workings of that prison.

Guess the real question, what is to be gained by kicking more dirt on the grave of a dead football player, already underground?


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