1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Lakers–Purple & Gold–or–Fool’s Gold”

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“Lakers-Purple & Gold–Fools Gold”


I have to laugh everytime I punch up the Lakers Channel-Spectrum Sports on my TV.

In addition to showing re-runs of games from the past couple of years, and features about the glory years gone by, they keep running a (:60) promo of actor Ice Cube and his announcement in the hood of a new ‘era’ of Lakers basketball.

He’s right about one thing, it is a new era.

An era of disgraceful leadership, bad decisions, selfishness, and incompetence.

Tuesday night is NBA draft lottery night, and the Lakers, who had the 11th worst record in the league, in another non-NBA playoff season, have a chance to get a good player, in a very deep draft. Though, not much of a chance to get to the top of the draft board, and access to Zion Williamson..

This is a team that spent 23-days flailing around trying to hire a head coach, settling on their 7th selection, Frank Volk, fired by the Indiana Pacers and Orlando Magic. The Lakers hired a guy who was (54-110) in his last job.

Where is Del Harris when you needed him?

This after failing to lure John Calipuri from Kentucky, then failing to land former Cavaliers coach Tyronn Lue. This after interviewing everybody else and striking out alot. Talk about throwing up air balls.

The Lakers have LeBron James, basketball star and business entrepreneur, who seems so interested in leading the team to a title, that he never held an introductory press conference, had a so-so season, got hurt, and then blew off the exit meetings with the media.

Always has something else to do in his West Coast business world.

The Lakers spent half the winter trying to trade all their young players, to get a deal for New Orleans’ unhappy center Anthony Davis, a year away from free agency.

They have 4-young players, all who have battled thru injuries, led by the disappointing Lonzo Ball. Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram are quality stars, but they’ve never been difference makers nor experienced a winning season.

LeBron came and played, showed flashes, but also showed a lot of indifference, all for 23M a year.

Magic Johnson quit as their leader, an hour before the final game of the season, never even telling owner Jeanie Buss.

GM-Rob Pelinka, with a tainted reputation for bad NBA relationships, is calling all the shots, so blame him-salute him for the Vogel hire and the last minute exit of Lue as a hot candidate. The insinuations are, and they won’t go away, the Lakers. wanted Lue, not so much as a head coach, but as a puppet. Why else would the GM offer him a substandard 3-year deal and mandate whom he should hire on his staff.

The owner has surrounded herself with an inner circle of friends, but not accomplished NBA people

LA has 35M in cap space to sign a max free agent.

Questions arise, who wants to play here, with LeBron, or in the chaos that the franchise has become.

So tonight the Lakers hope for a break, a high draft pick. And then maybe the ability to lure a big free agent.

Who would have ever thought the Lakers would rival the New York Knicks and Phoenix Suns for incompetence, but they have. Owner Jeannie Buss becoming an equal to Knicks owner James Dolan or the enigma that is Robert Sarver.

And I am sure if you turn on the Lakers TV channel, you can still catch Ice Cube and his promo about a ‘new era’.

Not what it used to be, Show Time and all. Now like ‘No Time’ and little prospects to get better.

Lakers Gold has become tarnished gold or Fools Gold….regardless of what Ice Cube says..


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