1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Lakers-What They Are Saying about LeBron”

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“Lakers-The Day After”


What the NBA columnists in different cities are saying-writing about the Lakers signing of LeBron James.

..Team chemistry…King James…young kids…and some goofballs”

..LeBron….all about basketball now and the business of his future career”

..Michael Jordan (6-2) in NBA finals…LeBron James (2-6)”

..Who coaches this team…..LeBron James or Luke Walton?”

..Can you really have 2-head coaches on a team?”

..LeBron-this ain’t the NBA East anymore”

..The NBA rich get richer…the poor are in purgatory…it’s life in NBA now.”

..The stars run the league….Jordan Rules…LeBron’s bylaws”

..Lakers-brilliant move followed by bombastic mistakes.”

..Who coaches the Lakers….Luke or LeBron?”

..Anybody heard from LaVar Ball lately?”

..Cleveland must be sick-took on big salaries of Larry Nance and Jared Clarkson to help the Lakers-who then used that cap space to take the Cavaliers icon.”

..Circus coming to town….LeBron and his clown roster.”

..Lakers are still not comparable to Golden State.”

..Best 1-on-1 game coming up….LeBron-vs-LaVar.”

..LeBron and Magic….basketball and business partners”


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