1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Monday Night Football-Real Teams Put on Best Show Ever”

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“Monday Nite Football-All Time Best”


The Rams-vs-the Chiefs.

Did you kow the Super Bowl was moved to late November in the NFL?

The matchup of these two (9-1) teams sure looked like it was a matchup of two potential Super Bowl candidates. I don’t know if the Super Bowl next February could equal what we saw in this Monday Night Football matchup run Los Angeles.

Rams 54-Chiefs 51….

An all time record 105-points, the highest scoring Monday Night game in the 773-games ever televised in its history.

1,001-combined yards of total offense. Howard Cosell might have even been speechless.

The new breed head coach Sean McVay against the old guard Andy Reid, matching Xs-Os and mismatches against each other, from first snap to final turnover.

The entire world was talking about the offenses of these two teams coming into the game. And those quarterbacks put on a dazzling show.

But on a night we expected fireworks, we got defense. Turnovers, takeaways, sacks, quarterback hits, interceptions, fumble recoveries, defensive touchdowns.. It was super human defensive plays that changed this game thruout the night.

7-turnovers changed the outcome, so did a combination of 8-quarterback sacks resulting in big TD plays.

KC QB-Patrick Mahomes, going downfield all night, finished with 6-TDs on a 478-yard passing night.

Jared Goff did the same for his Rams, a 413-passing yard night and 4-TDs.

The heroes might have been the defenses. The Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald had two huge quarterback sack-strip fumbles, that resulted in TDs. Linebacker Sam Ebukam scored two touchdowns picking up lose footballs. So did Chiefs defensive tackle Alan Bailey, coming up with a fumble-walk into the end zone TD.

And that was odd because a storyline coming into the game, the Chiefs haven’t played much defense all year, and the Rams, despite a highly paid group of shiny objects on defense, haven’t played that way this year either.

It was a game where you had to pick your poison

Were the Rams going to commit lots of defense to take away KC’s explosive receiver Tyreek Hill? What about Travis Kelce or Kareem Hunt, how to stop them?

Ditto for Kansas City. Can you take LA running back Todd Gurley out of the game, but if you do, how to defend Branden Cooks and Robert Woods the wideouts, and by the way, they have tight ends to catch the ball.

Even the most controversial player on the field, Marcus Peters, came off with a huge 4th quarter interception and a couple of big plays against Kelce late in the game.

The Chiefs staggered to 10-penalty flags in the opening quarter, in fact, going to the lockeroom with13-penalties by halftime. They cleaned it up in the second half, but by then both defenses looked gassed, too tired to even get there to commit infractions.

You almost felt the last guy who touched the ball, would win, and the Rams final interception with (:20) left held true to form in the LA win.

Mahomes and Goff not only combined for 10-TD passes, and 891-yards passing, but under siege, they took 8-sacks and handed over 7-turnovers. All the while, there were 6-lead changes in the final quarter alone.

If they were still playing at this hour, it would still be back and forth, more scores, more big plays.

It may count just 1-game in the standings, but it seems so much more. Yes, Drew Brees and New Orleans have won 9-in a row, and sit there (9-1), but its doubtful even his great career greatness could match what the Chiefs and Rams just put on display.

When it was over, I had to catch my breath. I laughed thinking about the other team in Los Angeles, the Chargers, and how they are not on anyone’s radar despite having Philip Rivers and friends. I wonder what Dean Spanos really thinks about his team’s future in Los Angeles, considering, who the Rams are, what they’ve become, and what they just did to the Chiefs?

Who needs the Super Bowl in February. We just saw something that no one else can top.


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