1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “NBA Season-Here It Comes-For Better or Worse”

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“NBA-Here It Comes-For Better or Worse”


Here comes the NBA season starting tonight.

Oh they are excited in a couple of these cities. Woe to be a New York Knicks or a Brooklyn Nets fan.

Sad to be in Chicago and other places where a total rebuild is about to begin.

Growth and transition will be the key words for the Lakers, very young team, and a Clippers team undergoing a personality transplant.

And who knows if perennial losers like the Suns or Sacramento or Philadelphia will ever amount to anything.

The Lakers-Lonzo Ball era begins later this week. He’s nicked up, and his team did not have a great preseason, trying to play as many young guys as they have. Regardless of whatever junk comes out of Magic Johnson’s mouth, this will be a couple of years process with the home they can recreate ‘Showtime’.

The Clippers spent lots of money but never got to the NBA conference finals. Now they will try to mix and match 9-new faces with their only two returning stars, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. Not likely to be playing into April this year, if they even make the playoffs.

The dream teams are ready to roll the ball out on the floor.

The Golden State mini dynasty returns everyone, all with big contracts, hoping to get back and win another ring. Firepower everywhere, and the unique unselfishness of Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Kevin Durant and a loaded bench.

In Oklahoma City Russell Westbook has his new contract and two new stars to play with, in Paul George, and Carmelo Anthony. Shall be interested to see if they can share the ball, because each was the focal point job their old team’s offense.

In Houston, they debut the James Harden-Chris Paul show under the direction of Mike D’Antoni as coach. Maybe as explosive a pair of guards as their is in the NBA, to go with big men Nene and Ryan Anderson.

In Minnesota, they’ve been building and they have three young studs in Karl Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins and now Jimmie Butler. Do they have enough?

Boston has been stockpiling players and draft picks, and they open with newcomers Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward as the focal point of a young team.

San Antonio has age and injury, but still have Kawhi Leonard, Pao Gasol, LaMarcus Aldridge and the veteran guards. Don’t know if they have enough firepower.

Then there is King James and his court, LeBron and the Cavaliers. LeBron James and Kevin Love will be joined by 100,000 mile guards Dwayne Wade and Derrick Rose, and by mid season-ex Celtics shooter Isaiah Thomas. They are all making one last push to go get another ring before virtually the entire roster goes free agent.

The hot storyline around the league has been the ‘Dream Team’ concept, stocking stars, circumventing the salary cap, and trying to buy yourself a ring. It all began with the Miami Heat and has spread to other cities.

The bigger question, is whether this is really good for the game? The Knicks and Nets will be horrible. Indiana and Atlanta look weak. Philadelphia seems forever rebuilding as seasons of losses pile up year after year.

Sure we like to see the marquee games, but what about the rest of the league? Almost all these other cities have no chance to succeed. Is that good for the game, or will fans keep watching TV, and keep attending, when the stars from the other teams roll into town?

Here comes your NBA, for better or worse, beginning Tuesday night.


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