1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday. “NFL–#1 Picks-No Easy Days”

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We have history here to pay attention to in the NFL.  You hope that bad history is not being repeated right now.

Pick a hot young quarterback, drafted in the first round, forced to play early with disastrous results, sometimes career damaging.

This is more than the trial-by-fire failure of Ryan Leaf and how it devastated the Chargers.

This is even in more recent times.

Vince Young-Tennessee Titans.
Robert Griffin III-Washington
JaMarcus Russell-Raiders

We could go on and on.

But we fast forward to right now, three weeks into the season.

Five young QBs were taken in the first round last spring.  Four are starting, and staggering…one is sitting and learning.

Trevor Lawrence-Jacksonville…Zach Wilson-NY Jets…Justin Fields-Bears…Mac Jones-Patriots….Trey Lance-49ers.

Lawrence took over a (1-15) team and he has had to carry the bulk of the Jaguars workload.  His stat line shows how hard this is, for someone who was so brilliant at Clemson.

…Lawrence: (5TD…7 Int…2 Fumbles…5-sacks…QB rating 60)

Zach Wilson, surrounded by an injury ravaged Jets team is taking a beating.  This is not BYU anymore for sure

…Wilson: (2TD..7 Int…15 sacks..1 fumble..QB rating 22)

Mac Jones has been the success story in New England till Sunday..Good preseason and solid start to season with the Patriot…but then disaster.

…Jones: (2TD..3 Int..2 Fumbles..6-sacks..QB rating 50)

Chicago, with a lifetime of quarterback failures around its neck, put Ohio State rookie Justin Fields out there Sunday for his first ever start after 2-cameo appearances  Woe to be him

…Fields: (0TD..2 Int..11 sacks..QB rating 39)

The 49ers are sitting Trey Lance, the Division 1AA star from North Dakota State.  He ran a goal line play for a TD on Sunday but there is no need to play him as long as Jimmy Garoppolo is hot and healthy.

It is so hard for all these bad teams.  They are talent deficient, usually troubled at quarterback, draft high and get the chance to excite the fans by picking a marquee QB.  But when you put them on the field surrounded by bad players, look what happens.

No better with the new guy than the old guy.  You just hope you don’t ruin the rookies trying to get them experience.

The four young picks will tell you that this morning.


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