1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday. “NFL Gold Star Player-Becomes-Blue Chip Free Agent”

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“Blue Chip Player–Gold Star Talent”


He wants to go to a team that could wind up in the Super Bowl.

Teams who are close want guys like him to possibly get to the Super Bowl.

This could be a match made in heaven.
It is surely not ‘1-Man’s trash is another man’s treasure’.

JJ Watt, at the peak of his career has become a free agent, even before free agency has opened.

The Houston Texans got rid of the Pro Bowl defensive end, just releasing him.  They didn’t try to swap him for a draft pick.  They didn’t eat any contract or take a cap hit.  They got rid of him.

Says alot about the leadership, the ownership in Houston, in the aftermath of a downward spiral that looks like a NASA missile blowing up after launch.

They clear (17.5M) cap space by walking away from the final year of his deal.

Watt, a firebrand of a personality and player, becomes a free agent, with plenty of time left on his body clock, at age 31.  He brings with him 101-career sacks, toughness, size, speed and leadership.

You’re close to being a Super Bowl team and we know defense is an important piece of the equation to win in the Super Bowl.  How would JJ Watt look in your defensive front?

A look at who will or should talk to him:

COWBOYS..A disaster of a defensive front last year coupled with a myriad of injuries ruined the Dallas season.  They lost Gerald McCoy before the season started.  Dontario Poe failed.  Everson Griffin did not fit.  DeMarcus Lawrence looked old.  Tyrone Crawford was hurt.  Staying in the Lone Star state might be the lure to keeping Watt in Texas.

SEATTLE…Could you see a physical force like Watt lining up opposite Carlos Dunlap with all that speed at linebacker led by Bobby Wagner:.  Would Russell Wilson give up some of his money to make this deal work?  Playing for Pete Carrroll would be a lot more fun that having played for Bill O’Brien.

NEW ENGLAND…Look at the Patriots depth chart and you tell me who those guys on defense upfront were last year?  Surely not the Pats of the past.  Would the lure of playing for Bill Belichick mean something this late in his career?

GREEN BAY….Wisconsin boy going home to have Aaron Rodgers as a teammate.  Never say never.  The last couple of free agent acquisitions the Packers made meant a difference.  First it was Za’darius Smith, then Preston Smith, then some good draft picks.  Watt could be the icing on the cake at Lambeau Field.

BUFFALO…They are close to being elite.  You add Watt’s physicality with the guy on the other side, the speedy, Jerry Hughes, and the beef in the middle, and you have a Niagara Falls nightmare in the defensive front seven.

TITANS…They need help because Jadaveon Clowney is no longer the same player.  They need help because they gave up (396YPG) on defense negating an offense that averaged (398YPG).  He did play for Mike Vrable, who was an assistant in Houston once upon a time.

CLEVELAND….The Browns would have to juggle the books to do this, but Watt teaming with Myles Garrett would be something to see.  Cleveland would have to do something with Olivier Vernon and Adrian Clayborn who had a solid season.  This might be a longshot at best.

PITTSBURGH…Cam Heyward on one side, JJ Watt on the other and some solid linebacking makes for one tough front.  Joining pass rushing brother TJ Watt adds to the excitement, especially if they get Bud Dupree back completely healthy.  Maybe 1-brother convinces the other brother to wear Black & Gold.

BALTIMORE….Think there will be a sales pitch from Ray Lewis to become a Raven.  Think Calais Campbell as a teammate means something.  Think about those ever active linebackers.  Think about the leadership of John Harbaugh.

RAMS…They have been bold and impulsive with deals to get stars, and Watt plus Aaron Donald plus Mike Brockers plus the guys off the bench, plus that secondary would be quite a unit.  And now getting Matthew Stafford to drive their passing offense, this could complete the puzzle.  And the Rams have never been afraid to spend money.

RAIDERS…They have cap space, they have a quarterback and still players and offensive line.  They have too many young players on defense.  Would Watt want to take on the responsibility of leading the youngest defense in the league?  Would Watt buy into Jon Gruden’s sales pitch?

NFL free agency starts in 5-weeks time.  I bet Watt signs early.  We haven’t seen a player of this talent level get on the open market this early in the off season in a long time.

Fun watching which free agent street JJ Watt turns onto.  Stay tuned.


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