1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “NFL-Last Place Team Moves Into 1st Place”

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“NFL-Last Place Team Moves Into 1st Place”



It took awhile, the Joe Namath era was years ago, but they are celebrating in New York now.

The Jets have moved into 1st place in the NFL off seasons standings.

In an era in which we have had poor NFL ownership on and off the field, the Cincinnati Bengals, the lowly Buffalo Bills, the downtrodden 49ers and the forever struggling Raiders, we have a new first place team.

The New York Jets, moving to the top of the NFL’s standings for dysfunction.

Go figure this out.

A franchise that drafted young phenom Sam Darnold at quarterback, gives up on a highly regarded coach after just 1-year with the rookie QB.

Out goes Todd Bowles, in comes ex-Miami head coach Adam Gase.

Seems like a right fit.

The team, in efforts to fix a terrible offense, makes the deal to bring in ex-Steelers star RB-Le’Veon Bell, who sat out last year in an ugly contract dispute as he headed to free agency.

They wind up with a very high draft pick, and have Alabama’s brilliant defensive tackle Quinnen Williams fall to them in the first round.

And they storm thru off season, spending a total of 125M-to upgrade the roster.

All seems headed in the right direction, after mistake-after-mistake made by GM-Mike Maccagnan in prior years..

Then they fire the GM-two weeks after the draft.. No details, just time to move on, and they did.

The Jets franchise that wasted a high draft pick on the last QB they took Geno Smith. The Jets teams that got rid of a promising defensive line in contract disputes, Sheldon Richardson and Mohammad Wilkerson. The team that dealt top tackler LB-Darron Lee.

A Jets team that gave big money to Darrelle Revis, only to have him show up as an old man.

Out goes the guy who made all those decisions.

And now the post-firing rumos everywhere. That even with the hiring of Gase as head coach, there were internal problems between the Coach and GM right from the start.

Maccagnan took control of the 53-man roster. He would make player personnel decisions.

The GM refused to include Gase nor seek his advice in pre-draft meetings, excluding his opinions on what type of players the coach needed for the systems he was going to put in.

Gase had no input in free agency signings, Le’Veon Bell included.

It is amazing an organization’s ownership would allow something like this to develop.

In the 11-hours of meetings over two days beween Maccagnan and Gase, you mean to tell me they never sorted out who had power….’responsibilities’….’input’….in any player acquisition decisions.?

You mean to tell me only the GM interviewed the big money Steelers free agent running back, not the head coach, nor position coach?.

Are you to believe it was okay by the GM standards, that Bell boycott the opening minicamp, after cashing that signing bonus check?

What in the name of Bengals-Raiders, Mike Brown-Al Davis football, is going on in New York.

So now they need a GM to replace Maccagnan. It appears they have a power hungry head coach who executed this coup-d’etat- against the guy who hired him. And it sounds like they have Maccagnan’s players for Gase’s roster, a square peg-round hole syndrome.

Add to all this, lead owner Woody Johnson is nowhere around. He has left the country to be the Ambassador to Denmark, and his son, Chris Johnson, with no football experience, now has this GM-coaching mess on his resume.

And you thought AJ Smith-Marty Schottenheimer, fired after a (14-2) season was mess?

This will bear watching, this 2019 Jets season, with what is ahead from a chemistry standpoint, and what was left behind this oil fire in the front office.

The New York Jets, now in 1st place in NFL-dysfunction. Do they give out rings or trophies for that?

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