1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Olympics-The Darkest Moment”

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“The Olympics-the Darkest Moment”


The greatest events we see every four years have been sandwiched by scandals and tragedies.

The what is happening as we prepare to watch the Winter Olympics in South Korea, seem to be the worst of all time.

Society has watched the terrorist tragedies of the Munich Olympics, you never forget the TV coverage of the Olympic dorms, the seized airliner, the kidnappers in ski masks.

You remember the bitterness of the forced boycott of the Olympics during the Jimmy Carter era.

Recently the era of tampered drug tests and the expulsion of the Russian athletes for a far reaching scandal.

Mexico City gave us the Black Power salute of the American sprinters and the horrid flashback at John Carlos and Tommie Smith.

And of course, the scandals about bribes and kickbacks on bids as countries built facilities that nearly bankrupted them, while the IOC got richer and richer.

All that pales now to what has happened to more than 150-female athletes who were members on the US Olympic gymnastics team.

Years and years of sexual abuse, directed at young athletes, ranging from age 13 to those in their 20s.

Dr. Larry Nasser is headed to life in jail.

Beyond the sordid sickness of what the Michigan State doctor did, is the equally bigger question, how come no one knew, how come this was allowed to go on unchecked?

Now 6-top administrators of US Gymnastics have resigned in the wake of the tsunami of public disclosures by the girls of what Nasser did to them.

Michigan State officials said they had no knowledge.

A former CEO of Team USA, reportedly had his officials tell the parents they would investigate and not to speak in public.

Some athletes and families were asked to sign non-disclosure settlements.

Last week and now this week, the young girls, violated, wept, spoke with anger, and demanded retribution for what Nasser did to them, what the USOC allowed to go unchecked, and what Michigan State knew or should have knows.

Nasser sent a letter to the judge, asking the testimony stop, because it hurt too much. The judge refused.

The teenage girls, including 4-gold medalists, who were violated for years, says Nasser’s pain in no way compares to the pain and humiliation these young girls have gone thru for years.

Nasser will go to prison forever. He might not survive in prison, for the seedy side of society has a history of retaliating against child abusers in prison. It’s their own form of prison payback. The cons to get back at the creep?

And you wonder next, whether there will be legal action coming against the USOC for the decades of abuse that was allowed to happen. The IOC fired the women’s coach, upon finding out he had a 25-year relation with Nasser, and that an athlete testified the coach came into the trainer’s room and saw Nasser performing digital sex on her and did nothing.

The strongest comment among the statements made by all these young women came from Olympian Ali Raismann, who refused to call him Doctor, because he was not a doctor, but a sexual predator.

Of all the horrid things we have experience about the Olympics, this is the darkest moment the Olympic rings have ever experienced.

In a society that has had to deal with child porn, date rape, human trafficking and the Catholic church priest-sex scandal, this is as bad as it gets.

It makes you want to cry, in addition to screaming rage on behalf of these violated young star.

Olympic gold tarnished by an organization, whose leadership may be just as sleazy as the team trainer they let have access to these teenage girls.


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