1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Padres–Not Everyone Is a Fan”

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“Not Everyone is a Padres Fan”


Bad weekend in Los Angeles.
It only counts as 3-games in the standings
But it is a statement about where the Dodgers are, what the Padres are.
You bet.

At one point in July, San Diego was a half-game behind the Dodgers.
The deficit as they left Dodgers Stadium is now 15-and-a half games.

There are only 50-games left to play in the Padres regular season schedule, and it includes still 9-more with LA.

The baseball standings showed the Padres starting this week now in 3rd and last place in the wildcard race, trailing Atlanta and Philadelphia. The critical issue, if you don’t finish 1st in the wildcard race, you then play all 3-wildcard games in the opening round on the road.

Of course, baseball is still talking about the Padres spending spree, whether that is trading away 8-prospects in trade deadline deals, the giveaway of Eric Hosmer, or the decision to pay off all 44M-owed to Hosmer.

Fans in San Diego have gone crazy…but not everyone agrees.

The ‘Athletic’ website, quoting MLB General Managers, were not very kind to the Padres as the trading deadline came and went. A sampling of quotes:

..Sensational-but not Sustainable
..Don’t know how they are paying for it
..Can’t understand San Diego’s business model
..Building an incredible MLB product
..SD won Trading deadlines-Winter Meetings..never won in October
..Haven’t won a playoff game since 2006
..Never won a postseason series since 1998

Some think opposing baseball people are just dishing out sour grapes.
Others believe they are built to win right now and the window will close
Some think there is no future with no farm system.
Only time will tell over the next 50-games.

Oh by the way, nice headlines in the LA Times on Monday after the LA sweep:
..Slam Diego
..Scam Diego
..Sham Diego

Piling on in LA.

Not everyone is a Padres fan are they?


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