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“Summertime is Here-And So is Better Baseball”


Memorial Day weekends viewed as the beginning of summer, though the calendar doesn’t actually say so.

Memorial Day is also indirectly viewed as the starting point of the baseball pennant race.

So here we are the first day of summer’s pennant race, and the Padres are in a way 3-way scrap for the two wildcard playoff spots.

Of course there’s lot of games left, and the Padres still have tons of games left against some of the better teams in baseball, including the 14-left against the Dodgers.

But good pitching keeps you in games, and the Padres have had very good starts from most of the kids in the rotation, and the back end of the bullpen.

Meanwhile, down on the farm, some good pitching, some surprise hitting, some players overwhelmed.

Here’s a look at what’s going on in the system.


El Paso: Who can tell with all the AAA numbers skewed by the use of new baseballs.
..C-Francisco Mejia (.545)
2B-Jose Pirela (.383)
2B-Luis Urias (.351)
OF-Michael Getty (.241)

P-Logan Allen (4-1)-4.01-ERA
P-Robert Stock..2.93-ERA


Amarillo..Some surprising statistical seasons
OF-Jorge Ona (.348)
SS-Owen Miller (.314)
C-Luis Torrens (.243)
2B-HudsonPotts (.220)
OF-Buddy Reed (.213)

P-Adrian Morejon (0-3)..5.86-ERA
P-Andres Munoz..1.72-ERA
P-Nick Margavicius..4.50-ERA
P-Reggie Lawson..5.20-ERA
P-Kaz Makita..3.73-ERA
P-TJ Weir..6.19-ERA


Lake Elsinore…pitching is the story here
P-MacKenzie Gore (4-1)..1.15-ERA…(64K-47-inn)
P-Ron Bolonos (4-1)..3.80-ERA

SS-Kevin Melean (.196)


Ft-Wayne…Strong pitching

P-Ryan Weathers (2-1)..1.78-ERA…(37K-30inn)
P-Henry Henry (6-0) 2.12

SS-Xavier Edwards (.369)
3B-Luis Almenzar (.216)


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