1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “Raiders-Black Hole-Coach Black Eye”

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“Silver & Black–Black Eye”————

Jon Gruden is done as an NFL coach.  Done too as a network analyst.

Welcome to the rest of your sorry-ass life.

Fraud as a coach.
Fraud as a person.
Fired from the only thing that mattered to him..football.

Within a 6-hour span on Monday, Gruden went from total denial that he was a racist, to resigning as a racist.

As the NFL continued its ‘discovery’ in a massive lawsuit involving the Washington Redskins organization over sexual harassment of more than 40-female employees, they found Emails dating back to 2011 that Gruden sent to then Redskins President and GM Bruce Allen.

The initial EMails came while Gruden was at ESPN.  He racially mocked NFL Union Chief DeMaurice Smith.

He used a homophobic slur towards Commissioner Roger Goodell.

But as the NFL continued researching some 650,000-Emails involving Washington’s front office, the ilk involving Gruden grew like leaking oil.

More Emails, stretching from 2011 to 2018 from Gruden to Allen.
More slurs against NFL team owners, coaches, players and media members.

Slurs too about the NFL’s hiring of female referres…what the NFL tried to do during the height of the social unrest protests….the National Anthem controversial…and the Gay and Lesbian community.

Within 6-hours of his denial…’not a racist blade in my body’ comes this treasure trove of damning evidence.

This, days after he met with his Raiders team and told them to a man he was never a racist.

Your greatest players on the roster are African Americans, and you are trying to convince them your comment about ‘Michelin Lips’ was taken out of context.

1-of your pass rushers is gay and you praised him this summer for ‘coming out’ but now we find you smeared the gay-lesbian community in the past.

Your referred to the Commissioner in negative homosexual terms and then used the  same terms used to describe the man who owned the Tampa Bay team, you coached to a Super Bowl.

Watch now for more filth to float to the top like an oil spill on the ocean.  Obscene language, condemnation about new rules to prevent concussions.  Use of word drafting queers.  Sharing of photos of topless women.  So what is his sleaze factor now?

Look for ex players, demeaned by Gruden, to come front and center.

His actions are legendary, the ones about insulting players on other teams; comments he made about family members; wives cheating on husbands; and the mental health issues he used against players.  Those stories are out there.  Do anything to get an edge in a game.

Now we see what Jon Gruden was as a person.

As a coach, he won a Super Bowl with Tony Dungy’s Bucs players in Tampa, then was ousted.

It’s obvious his personna led to his ouster during the fading days of the Al Davis regime in Oakland in his first go round as Raiders boss.

His style was flash and substance while at ESPN, so much so, he was able to sell his personna to convince Mark Davis to hire him to oversee the Raiders move from Oakland to Las Vegas.

And the younger Davis, gifted the franchise after his Hall of Fame father’s death,  now seems forever stained by all this, for this hiring.  He looks like he is overwhelmed by the task at hand.  How many mistakes is he allowed to make before people question his competence.

All this while government officials investigate the Raiders for possibly 200M in a tax evasion probe over a 4-year period, for stadium payments that were never declared as income to the IRS.

And we do know, you do not screw with the IRS. Just ask the four former Raiders top execs who have exited the franchise since early summer.

This is truly not the end of the story, it is the beginning of a cleansing campaign of a bad citizen.

I have always felt he was always ‘on the edge’ with the way he conducted his business, in that locker room and on the field,  and now we need to look no farther to see  the slime factor of who Jon Gruden really was.

For decades the Raiders defined themselves as playing in the Black Hole.  Then they moved to the shiny new stadium in Las Vegas, but the franchise appears ready to slip back into a newer version of the Black Hole.

The Raiders are on the brink of falling apart on the field.  If there was ever a time for Derek Carr to step forward as a leader, it has to come now, not just on the field after two lousy losses in a row, but in that badly damaged locker room.

I don’t know how any black players wearing those colors, can feel anything but ‘betrayal’ for believing all the things Jon Gruden purported himself to believe.

Fraud as a person and as a coach.

I’d feel sorry that such a popular figure would end up like this.  But I have always believed money and power can corrupt people.  Jon Gruden now becomes the latest to exhibit that trait.

If it was a once time occurence a decade ago, you view it differently.  But this was a continuim stream of of these topics and opinions.

Gruden wrote it continually over the years.  It was in his mind, typed on his keyboard, and more importantly it was in his heart.

Raiders football.

Silver & Black.  gets a black eye.  Now call them the Silver & Bleak.

Call Jon Gruden a ‘fired-fraud’.


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2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “Raiders-Black Hole-Coach Black Eye””

  1. Arthur J Uvaas says:

    You’re so politically correct, now. What Gruden did was write down horrible and insensitive comments. He should have called them a bunch of jerks and idiots and moved on.

    In your case, you’re loathed for your arrogant; know-it-all attitude. You condemn others, but you’ve never really looked in the mirror at your own faux pas.

    You can’t even buy brokered air time to be on the radio.
    You’ve matured; but, haven’t we all. You’re brighter than Kentera and Kaplan but not as good an interviewer as that pseudo sports’ intellectual, Darren Smith.
    Nobody beats your “Best 15 Minutes.” The thing is…does anyone really care what Lee Hamilton thinks anymore? {Maybe a few senior citizens in San Diego County, certainly not in Los Angeles; Orange County or the Inland Empire}.

  2. Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

    People like what I offer

    Proud of my career and what history books will write
    We created the format..left a great legacy
    Sadly corporate radio ruined the market place
    Don’t care what few critics are out there

    Gave it everything I had for 28-years on radio
    And having fun on TV

    Thanks for reading

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