1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Tuesday “Smoking Guns-Paper Trails-The NFL On Trial–Again”

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“Smoking Guns-Paper Trails-NFL On Trial Again”


How do you spell the word ‘coverup’?


It appears to be happening again, another health scandal breaking loose in the National Football League.

The last time, three years ago, it was the concussion lawsuit. This is a massive retired players lawsuit over abuse of pain-killer pills and injections, sanctioned by clubs, given to players.

Over 1,800 players have filed suit saying NFL teams abused DEA rules intentionally, over the dispensing of vicodin and use of Toradol pain deadening injections. Vicodin is highly addicted. Toradol can lead to further damage of body organs.

The big difference is the concussion lawsuit vs this one, is a paper trail of Emails, from trainers and doctors, detailing how they handed out the pills, gave the injections, and how they circumvented DEA rules about policing of these medications.

Who had access to them, who gave them, and what book-keeping was used to hide what was going on everyday of the week in NFL lockerooms.

All this uncovered in discovery, and now there are club survey, that show, ‘on average’, NFL players take 7-pain killing pills or injections each week. That’s right, 7-pills, per player, every week of the season.

And the surveys showed that on game day, an average of 26-players (out of 53 on rosters) were given Toradol injections to deaden the pain, so they could play on game-day. That’s nearly half the roster, shot up.

The NFL and at least 14-clubs refused comment on the story. The NFL Union says it is shocked at the data that has been flushed out. The information points to a couple of clubs that were ringleaders.

NFL credibility was first staggered by the concussion lawsuit, that led to a 965M payout to players who had head injuries, Parkinson’s, ALS, Dementia, Alzheimers and other problems. brought on by concussions.

This payout came before the nearly 5,000-player led lawsuit got to court. And the NFL money came out of a league office that for nearly 22-years had said there was never a link between concussions and CTE.

The early death of Mike Webster, the follow-up seige of suicides of Junior Seau and so many others, led to a settlement.

And now this.

Smoking guns and paper trails. The players have been hurting for years. The NFL has been making money for decades. And this has been going on unchecked, as the league succeeded and the players suffered.

Will this lawsuit get to court, or will there suddenly be another ‘check written’ so the NFL can make this go away?

If it looks line it….sounds like it…..reads like it…what do you think it is?


How do you feel about your favorite football team these days?

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