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Super Bowl…Day After”———–

The LA Rams are now held  to the same level of admiration that the Dodgers and  Lakers have in Los Angeles.

Stan Kroenke spent his wealth to build a legendary So Fi Stadium, that will host more Super Bowls, will host a College Football playoff game, and will likely be part of the LA Olympic presentation in decades to come.

The day after, lots of post-Super Bowl stories to talk about:

RAMS COACH…Sean McVay backed away from initial comments he might walk away from the NFL after winning the trophy.  But he did cite concern about burnout and the hours it takes to be a head coach while being a husband too.  A story that bears watching.

AARON DONALD….He too talked about walking away from the NFL at age 30, with his Super Bowl ring, but 24-hours later he said he had not made a decision.

ODELL BECKHAM..What a blow, tering his left knee ligament a second time, putting his future career very much in doubt.  He will rehab with fellow Rams wideout Robert Woods, who missed a large segment of the season with a same injury..

VON MILLER…Found his second lease on life following his trade from Denver, and now he says he likely will test free agency to see if there is anything unique out there for him to consider.

STAN KROEnKE…It’s his house, So Fi Stadium, the one he paid for himself, and the 790M he paid to St Louis for leaving that city to move to Los Angeles.  He is an entrepreneur who owns the Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, an English Premier League soccer team, and stadiums in the US and in Europe.  And now he has a Super Bowl Trophy, whether you like his way of doing business or not.

JOE BURROW…The rock star Bengals QB believes his team will be in future Super Bowls.  He has another knee injury to deal with, but he has youth and talent on his side.

BENGALS..Now the challenge for aging owner Mike Brown, will he dive into free agency  and further improve his substandard offensive line to protect aht quarterback, or will he try to sell out his stadium with season ticket holders, who put money in his pocket.  His team is the only one in the NFL that does not have  an indoor practice facility.

ZACH TAYLOR…The Bengals coach was (6-25-1) .on the brink of getting fired, and got to the Super Bowl instead.  Now we see what kind of pay hike he gets from the tight fisted owner.

TV RATINGS…They should come out on Tuesday, and projections are a record (117M) viewers, especially since the game went down to the final (:30)….

HALF TIME SHOW…It was a salute to Hip Hop with the elite icons in the industry on stage saluting its style.  Of big question, was the performance about enthusiasm or should there be cynicism over its content.  The NFL again caust in the middle of big issues like race relations and their racial hiring practices.  This does not go away regardless of the show with Dr. Dre…Eminem..Snoop Dog and 50-Cent.

FAREWELL…Hard to believe the telecast was likely the last of the great broadcast tandem of Al Michaels-Chris Collinsworth…with reports Michaels might go to the Thursday night  Amazon streaming broadcast….Not sure why you leave a legacy position on the network to go off air…Michaels is the best.  Collinsworth is the equal to Tony Romo.

COMMERCIALS…Good-bad-stupid for sure.  Oh the NFL for decades shunning anything gambling related, now embracing gambling and the crypto currencey world, especially when they get a piece of the action.  Hypocritical?  No just big business in a changing world.

BEST-WORST…Strictly my opinion but there were some that grabbed your attention for the full (:60) of commerical time, at 7M-per spot
..The Sopranos theme with the actors drving up in a Chevy
..The Peyton Manning bowling alley spot for Michelob-here comes Serena
..The Caesars Palace gambling add with the Manning clan
..The Telemundo goal spot for their World Cup telecasts coming up in Qatar
..The musical vignette that had no words-just graphics for Dropcoin.com
..The E-trade commercial with the babies.

..Did not like the disjointed Dolly Parton 5G-commercial
..The GM commercial with the baby
..The ugly Uber Eats commercial

..Did we really need the ‘Rock’ introducting the two teams..why not Michael Buffer.

FANS IN THE STANDS…Fun to see the Matthew Stafford family enjoy the day after all those years of suffering in Detroit.  Fun to see Joe Cool’s family come from poverty raked Southeast Ohio.  How about Van Jefferson trying to run pass routes, and knowing his wife was going into labor, and left the stadium to go to the hospital to deliver their first child.,

FIGHT FOR LA…And here was Stan Kroenke praising the “Rams House”, holding the Trophy, with all the Blue-Gold confetti.  And I thought about the hopelessness of Team Spanos and the Chargers, again an after thought, and off the radar in Los Angeles.  Not to be compared to the Rams-Lakers-Dodgers legacy.  And to think, Dean Spanos gave up 55-years of loyalty and sellouts in San Diego to go to LA chasing and dollars he likely will never ever get, now that the Rams have a Trophy.  Don’t know whether the be happy he is failing and getting sued in LA, or raging angry he screwed so many in San Diego.

WHAT’S NEXT…Here comes NFL free agency…the draft and trades.  Let the off season officially begin.


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