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“Thinking Out Loud On a Tuesday”


GOLDEN STATE GREATNESS….They can beat you any way you want..fast break street ball…a 3-point shooting contest…or a back alley brawl….The Warriors use it all in putting away the Cavaliers for the 2nd time in 3-years….LeBron James is such a great individual talent-plays so hard-just did not get consistent help from others…for the Warriors it was Kevin Durant, helped by the firepower of everyone else on that roster.

LAKERS-WOE IS ME….This could really turn out ugly…Jerry West closing in on a deal with the team down the hallway, the Clippers….and Lonzo Ball in a poor workout may have cost himself the second slot in the draft…waiting for LaVar Ball’s explanation why his son was in out of shape condition for the biggest workout of his basketball life.

COUNCIL VETOES THE MAYOR AGAIN…a bitter night for Mayor Kevin Faulconer as City Council votes down the November proposal for a special vote to raise hotel taxes for the Convention Center expansion, plus money for the homeless situation and street repairs…Council wants a vote in November 2018, not a costly lower vote turnout this fall…it does give the city proper time to configure the land purchase for the annex..but at the cost of the construction fees going up again.

SOCCER CITY IN TROUBLE…Maybe-maybe not…now that is appears there will no special vote for their Qualcomm sight land purchase this fall….Maybe it should not be death….maybe they need to convince MLS to grant them an additional year to work thru the land purchase and build the relationshhips needed to solve the San Diego State question….What’s the difference if MLS adds two teams in 2020…or just adds one that year and maybe San Diego the next….if MLS believes in this market, and they should, then waiting till 2021 does not hurt them, if theis deal is done right.

PADRES PITCHING…Strange happnenings just above them on the draft board and the Padres wind up with high school pitching sensation MacKenzie Gore, the high school lefthander from North Carolina…thosw were impressive numbers (0.19-ERA) this spring, and four straight trips to the state championships for his school….looks like a cross between Cole Hamels and Madison Bumgarner.

CHARGERS GOODBYE….Last workout for the media to attend on Tuesday at Chargers Park, the final mini-camp workout for the team before it boxes everything up and moves to Costa Mesa….What a bitter feeling this is in our community…what a sad commentary it is on Dean Spanos and his greedy family.

NORTH TO ALASKA…Well not quite for ex-Aztec QB-Ryan Lindley, though he has gone north to the Canadian Football League, and in his first exhibition game after just 10-days in camps, goes (15-25) for 132-yards..a length of field drive for a field goal and then the game winning TD pass late in the fourth quarter….He has 1-more exhibition game to try and play himself onto the Ottawa Red-Black roster.

MY NEWSPAPER-OUR PROBLEMS….I thought the LA Times purchase of the Union-Tribune would be great, for we’d have additional content from a wide variety of Times writers to compliment what we have here..but the change hasn’t worked out well….Deadlines for Padres writers for the first editions of the paper are (8-30pm)…the late edition deadline is (9-30pm)….so that means seldom do we get a game story nor boxscore, but rather filler stories….Now please explain to me, how the LA Times can get a Padres story and a box score into their editions that are dropped into my driveway-but the UT cannot? UT is printed at the Times plant up in LA and then bussed down here. Bad deal for the fans, again.

GOOD LUCK…Longtime Padres PR-Chiefs Shauna Wilson finishes up this week, and heads to UCLA to become Communications Director of the PAC-12 School….longtime Chargers PR Director Bill Johnston stays here as the team goes to LA-he will not be making the move after 39-years of loyal service to the Gene Klien-Alex-Dean Spanos organization.


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