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“Tiger in the Tank”


On a scale of 1-to-10, 10-being the absolute worst, this is about a “3”

But because it’s Tiger Woods, and because it again goes against all the norms we would want from our heroes, it’s getting covered non-stop.

The mugshot, taken at 3am, shows a bleary-eyed, looking half asleep and intoxicated, Woods, the former golfing icon and this ‘driving under the influence’ arrest..

He spent 7-hours in jail. Then 9-hours later, he issued a statement, it was not alcohol, but a negative reaction to a mixture medications for his on-going back surgeries.

Odd, the man who sends things out on twitter, and who pays a high priced PR firm to handle his media dealings, would have to wait 9-hours after his release from the jail in Jupiter, Florida, to make that statement, explanation-excuse..

Police have not issued an updated report. So we don’t know what he blew on breathalyzer, or if he just blew lunch because he got sick on his meds.

A real fall from grace for Tiger Woods.

Gold legend, marketing entrepreneur, the slick salesman.

You know, buy my clubs, buy my clothes, buy my cars. And buy the song and dance about what a great guy I am.

All that prior to his SUV wreck, when his wife caught him having affairs, here-there-everywhere, with all types of women.

End of marriage, end of reputation, cost him his sponsors, and 176M for her share of what he had built.

Then of course, the back injuries, the knee injuries, the surgeries, the collapse of his game.

Lots of golf fans were rooting for a comeback, but the last time we saw him was here at Torry Pines, failing to make the cut, and then shutting it down, for a 4th back operation, including 3-in a 14 month span.

If you are keeping score, on that scale of 1-to-10….Tiger’s philandering nights at home and on the road, rates a “10” in terms of negative things.

The back surgerird, cruel for any athlete to deal with, rates a “7” in terms of lifetime impact..

And this junk out of Jupiter is probably a “3”, unless police tell us something different.

A real fall from grace, with real bad implications because Tiger lied to all his fans, the media, and corporate American, about who he was, what he stood for, during all those years of greatness.

Sad to see ‘Tiger Tank’.


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