1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “Tuesday Morning Thoughts”

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“Tuesday Morning Thoughts”


Chargers….You are lucky you don’t have to sit through a Monday press briefing with coach Mike McCoy. It drones on and on, filled with tired cliches, making reference to OTA’s, and game plans and playing four quarters. Out of 22-questions asked coming out of the Sunday loss to Tampa, only four questions had any qualitative value of content for the media, information or an opinion on a certain topic. The rest was gibberish, useless, and a waste of time. For someone so smart in the creative aspect of game plans, Xs and Os and communicating with his players, he is worthless to deal with. And he’s not winning. His team has lost 22-of-32 games dating back to mid December 2014. They have lost 26-games by a touchdown or less in his four years here. They are (1-11) vs AFC West teams dating back to the end of the 2014 season. Just wait and see if the ownership steps up and gives him a contract extension. But what would you expect from Team Spanos, which has just 9-winning seasons in 32-years of ownership. McCoy, sadly, a cross between a bland Norv Turner and a condescending Kevin Gilbride.

Jahleel Addae…Shall be interested to see if the NFL hands down more discipline for the brutal hit to the knee he laid on Bucs wide receiver Cecil Short, probably a career ending injury. A dislocated kneecap, 3-torn ligaments. Addae is such a punishing tackler, with the reputation as a head hunter. He’s been fined three times. The next one will be worth 48,000 probably. But he was on top of Shorts on the crossing route so quickly, I don’t think he could avoid a head on collission. But the receiver was defenseless, it was a blow to the knee, and then there is Addae’s past reputation.

Travis Benjamin…Are we to nominate him as this year’s recipient of the Jared Gaither-Derek Cox-Jacoby Jones award…most money given to a free agent for little return. He’s already played himself off the punt return unit, now the big TD drop of a key pass. He has made a bunch of big plays, but he’s also disappeared on this team too.

Rocky Long….Rallied his Aztecs emotionally, got them ready physically, and designed things schematically to counteract all the things tht Josh Allen and Wyoming did two weeks ago. End result, Mountain West Championship title and Las Vegas Bowl berth.

DJ Pumphrey…Disappointed he did not get invited to the Heisman Trophy ceremonies, but guys from big time programs closed the season with a flourish and he got left behind. But so did Washington Huskies QB-Jake Browning and Texas running back D’Ontra Foreman, who were also bypassed from the ceremonies. Still does not take away from a brilliant four years up on the Mesa.

Heisman Trophy Ballot….My ballot went in Monday at the deadline. I cannot tell you, per the rules, whom I voted for, but I will tell you one familiar name was filled in on one of the lines, based on this season and a full body of work. Not homering for anyone, just honest about the topic on the table.
Steve Fisher…Oh please, give it a break. The print media in town is making it seem as if the roof has caved in on the Aztecs basketball program, based on the loss to Loyola of Chicago. Lots of new pieces to fit together, and the season is not over just 6-games into the schedule. Anybody want to bet how good they will be playing by the time the Mountain West schedule starts? Anybody want to bet how good they will be come tournament time?

AJ Preller…This will be some interesting week at the Winter Baseball Meetings. I don’t recall anyone ever, going to the December meetings, with 7-open slots on the 40-man roster. Stunning is the fact they have just 16M committed to payroll. Do you know the Padres have 29-of-33 making the minimum salary on that payroll? Do you know they cut another 26M off the payroll by dealing away Derek Norris and the all the non-tenders? Do you know they will be paying 36M to guys named Upton-Kemp-Shields on the roster? The big question, how are they going to get any pitching in here to compliment Luis Perdomo? Second question, will any free agents want to sign here, knowing what the roster is? Third question, could this Padres team beat the all time loss record of 120-set by Casey Stengel’s New York Mets?


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  1. Art Uvaas says:

    Jahleel Addae’s hit was a good football play. It was a punishing tackle and not a dirty one, in my opinion.

    I am sorry the receiver was injured; it would have been another story if that tackle was above the shoulders.

    Congratulations to the San Diego State Football Aztecs
    for defeating Wyoming in the Freeze Bowl. (Kudos also
    to my friend–Center Judge, Darren Winkley–for also surviving the cold).

    The San Diego State Basketball Aztecs overlooked a fairly good, Loyola of Chicago team. Their HC–Porter Moser–is a good one. Expect this mid-major to be in the NCAA play-offs.

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Addae has reputation as head hunter…has been hit with big fines…I don’t think this was intentional..but his rep works against him..could be fined on Friday…likely career ending injury to the Bucs WR

      Aztecs football really good season..big bounceback game vs Wyoming..bowl game will be fun to watch

      SDSU basketball needs to get more consistent on front line..will take time…lots of games still to be played..

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