1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Tuesday “USA Shutdown–NFL Business As Usual”

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US-Closing Down—NFL-Open for Business”


Our country is virtually in lock-down mode as the Virus-Crisis spreads.  The scorecard reads 4800 ill as of Monday night, some 80-deaths, and a stock market that lost nearly 3,000-points in one day.

Self isolation, stay at home to work, shutdown of restaurants, bars, workout gyms, schools, colleges and more.

America is paralyzed right now, everywhere but the NFL.

The NFL decided to open the free agent market, as had been scheduled on Monday.

There were 3-blockbuter trades and 23-players had signed contracts to change teams in the first 7-hours of bidding.

But there is controversy swirling around what the NFL has allowed to happen.

Owners are upset that this is a ‘bad optic’.  People ill, deaths climbing, illness everywhere, shelves empty in supermarkets, gas prices up, and people about to be laid off.

All this while players were signing contracts of 30-to-52M dollars, while society is overwhelmed with its problems.

Where is Tom Brady going?  Who will Philip Rivers sign with?  How many LA Rams will jump ship?  Can the Cowboys keep Amari Cooper?  What happens with Jadaveon Clowney?

How about that blockbuster Arizona-Houston Texans DeAndre Hopkins trade?  Why did the 49ers do that deal with the Colts shipping out DeForest Buckner?

This would be a wild day on sports-talk radio, if people were not scared by what was happening outside their front door.  The Union Tribune sports section was down to a page and a half on Monday.  ESPN and FS1-cancelled their talking head shows.

I guess you can buy into the theory that the NFL wheeling and dealing gives us something else to talk about aside from the Coronavirus outbreak.  Maybe a welcome distraction.

Everything else in our sports world has been crippled, and yet the NFL is going forward, because it is their off season, and they don’t have games to be played yet.

But it raises huge questions because the NFL history is all about making money, and that’s what teams are doing, and players too.  But this stings of being very offensive, very selfish, very irresponsible.

Shall be interesting what happens between now and Friday with all the other marquee players still out there.

Interesting too to see if there is any flashback across America that these billionaires and millionaires are doing business this day, when so many people are suffering.

Asking NFL fans, are you offended by all this?


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