1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “About to Become-the LA Chargers?”

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“LA Chargers?”


It goes on and on.

The Stadium Game with the Chargers.

Now the USA Today Report that the Chargers have opened talks on potential lease agreements, touse the LA Coliseum beginning in 2017 for home games, while the Hollywood Park NFL Stadium construction goes on.

It never ends, the scheming of owner Dean Spanos, who hides under the umbrella of ‘protecting our rights’ to move to a new stadium.

It does not seem to dawn on Dean Spanos, that he is behind the curve on the potential move to Los Angeles. The Rams own the market, financially, emotionally and physically.

The Chargers would be the second NFL team in LA. They’d probably be the 3rd football team in popularity there, behind USC and the Rams.

Heck, they might be the 10th most popular team in LA, fighting the LA Galaxy soccer franchise and the NHL-LA Kings in terms of fan backing.

All this comes on the heels of Chargers talks about the Stub-Hub Center. Yes, that makes sense, moving your team into a soccer stadium that seats 35,000 in Carson, not LA, Carson.

Of course as Spanos tries to preserve his options, he doesn’t seem to be intent on doing much to try and jump-start, restart anything in SanDiego.

He must be under the delusion the Mayor’s office will come up with a plan to give him a new stadium for free.

This saga never-ever ends. All these attempts to get a new stadium built in San Diego on someone else’s dime.

This theory he is beloved here. Maybe his team is, and that is now even questionable.

They’re failing on the field, another non playoff season. Failing at the gate, headed for their worst attendance since 2000, you do remember (1-15)?

And as everyone talks about the Cleveland Browns going (0-16) this year, Dean Spanos appears to be going (0-15) in all his stadium ideas dating back to the early part of the decade.

Los Angeles Chargers? He seems to want it. Even if no one up there wants him nor his franchise.


2 Responses to “1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “About to Become-the LA Chargers?””

  1. David Perez says:

    I was wondering your take on all of this mess. I’m an LA citizen and not a Charger fan, but I’m a football fan and respect the loyal San Diego fans. I was wondering how the hell this all was playing down there. I’m a sports fan in LA and can tell you first-hand, NOBODY cares about, not wants the Chargers here. Does Spanos really think this gives him leverage? There will be ZERO public $$ for an NFL owner in LA. Nor should there be. At least Kronke got this ball rolling on his own dime. There is more support up here for Raiders than the Chargers. I just hate to see the fine people of SD get hosed by this grifter. Can you recommend a good columnist or two that has the pulse of SD? Have people been calling him out for the wickedly greedy scheme of his? Thanks, Saw. Hope you’re doing well. Wish we could hear you up here. Dave

    • Lee Hacksaw Hamilton says:

      Stadium nightmare is Spanos’ fault…the way he has treated the community…dating all the way back to the Ticket Guarantee controversy..and the last year’s worth of “Scorched Earth” treatment of city leadership…coupled with the poor product on the field….Wish he could bring himself to sit down and negotiate with city….that or just sell the franchise…Seems like his goal is to move to LA..hope to drive value up to 2M and then sell franchise…Terrible businessman

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