1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Angels-Rising Star-Land of Rising Son”

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“Rising Star-Land of Rising Sun”


He came with such expectation. And he has not disappointed.

His team has, but not him.

He brings electricity to the ball park, whether it’s as a DH or a starting pitcher.

Shohei Ohtani is everything they said he would be, coming out of Japan, and when he comes to the plate, the buzz is instantaneous.

Ohtani has been limited in the last month, while receiver plasma platelet treatment for a damaged elbow. He might not pitch this August and September to let him heal. He is back DH’ing again, and pretty impressive.

He’s hit (.271-12HR) as a DH and OF. On the mound (4-1) 3.10 in his rookie season.

What do people within the Angels organization think of the 23-year old phenom?

Comments fro 3-different Angels execs about Showtime Shohei.

..Has surpassed all expectations as a rookie.
..Low maintenance superstar
..Most humble rookie I have ever seen
..Respectful of the game

..Batting practice sessions shows easy power
..Very disciplined mechanics for someone so young
..Methodical in approach to baseball every day.
..Has managed a very tough learning curve facing pitchers

..Has to find a rhythm to his work habits-when he DHs-when he pitches
..Hits the ball very hard…alot of long distance home runs
..Pitches like every game is a playoff game-fierce intensity
..Throws hard stuff-fastball..hard slider…splitter
..You can see he’s pitched in high level competition before getting here

..Tremendous competitor
..Adjusts to batting order 2nd and 3rd time thru lineup
..No one knows his limits..was on pace 15-wins..30-home runs
..Has learned how to handle baserunners-pickoff moves
..Hates to come ou too games

..Blames himself for not finishing what he started
..Holds himself responsible when he doesn’t do well
..Best young talent ever seen…Nomo-Inchuro-Matsuzaka were veterans coming here
..Acts like a season vet dealing with the crush of the media
..Not overwhelmed by international media who track him all the time

..Think he can be 2-way player for a long time
..This is truly a Global player.
..Most unique 23-year old rookie I have ever seen.

..Sky is the limit.


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