1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Aztecs-Big Game-Big Injury Problems”

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Aztecs Football…Big Game…Big Problems..


San Diego State has upgraded its non-conference schedules. They are loading cup with PAC-12 teams in home and home series.

They beat Stanford a year ago, then lost opening day to them this season.

SDSU beat Arizona State last year, and have to play the Sun Devils, and their new head coach Herman Edwards this weekend. ASU is led by dynamiting quarterback Manny Wilkins, who threw for 308-yards last week in a Devils win over Michigan State.

Rocky Long has to play this game, and then face the start of the Mountain West Conference schedule, without his starting quarterback Christian Chapman, out with a sprained knee, and without top defensive tackle Nobel Hall, out with a dislocated wrist.

A really tough chore, as Long stood on the firing line on Tuesday to talk about his (1-1) team…

.We asked for this when we set these schedules up
.Biggest concerns I have is that ASU knows our signal system
.Denny Gonzales going there as Def Coordinator gives them inside information
.I would not allow our other assistants to go to ASU, but they took two other young coaches.
.Herman Edwards has them playing at higher emotional level this year
.His message to his team is about enthusiasm and ASU is showing it.

.Ryan Agnew been around along time in program..prepared himself to be starter-now he gets his chance
.Good athlete-different being starter-vs-coming off the bench
.He believes he will play well-has played well off the bench
.He’s prepared-he’s been here for 3-years.
.Christian Chapman could play in 4-to-6 week

.Manny Wilkens-good athlete-very strong arm
.Wilkens moves around well..gets out of trouble…makes plays with feet
.Our offensive line will be under a lot of pressure
.ASU threw for 380-against Michigan State defense
.Everybody runs spread in college ball..they have guys who catch the ball
.They will spread us sideline to sideline…they will isolate our corners
.We need to disrupt timing of QB..push people back into QB..
.Sun Devils offense equal to what Cal-Davis Webb had 2-years ago when we played them.

.Juwan Washington proved good running back even when OL not block for him
.Noble Hall-dislocated wrist-out 3-to-6 weeks.
.He’s been a difference maker since moving inside to DT-this is a big loss.

.Herman Edwards-not surprised he got back into coaching….
.When you are a coach-the lifestyle is addictive-tough to give it up
.He liked our program-our defense-called to take Danny Gonzales as Def Coor

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