1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “Aztecs Football–Beware of Ambush”

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“Aztecs-Beware of Ambush”


The metrics say San Diego State should win this football game at San Jose State.

Their defense has led them to a (5-1) start this season, while the offense has run hot-and-cold.

But the Saturday game up in the Bay Area carries a scary theme to it.  San Jose State, a perennial doormat in the Mountain West Conference is a much improved (3-3), and that includes an amazing win at Arkansas against a legendary Razorbacks program.

SDSU faces big play throwing QB-Josh Love, a 3rd year starter, who is the difference between the Spartans being scary vs being roadkill.  Love is averaging (303YPG) passing, has thrown for (1,823Y) in six starts this year and has a (10TD-2Intc) ratio.  His wide receivers are averaging (13.3YPC), and they make big plays.

The Aztecs have shown disdain for all the quarterbacks they play.  Punch them in the mouth, slow them down, sack them, pressure them into mistakes..  SDSU’s stats are vintage Rocky Long football.  As of today, State is #1 in defense (270YPG)…#1-run defense (64YPG)..#1 in scoring defense in the league.

SDSU has 15-sacks…13-takeaways…45-tackles for loss…has given up just 4-TD passes this year…is allowing just (2.3) YPC against the run…has given up just 9-TDs this season.

Granted offense is a challenge, ranked last in the MWC (324YPG)…last in scoring offense (21PPG)….and 10th in rushing offense (132YPG)…places they have dominated in years past.

Coach Rocky Long’s comments heading to Saturday’s game.

..On to the next one..complete contrast to who we just played-Wyoming.
..Now we play a team that throws it and doesn’t care to run it
..The most intriguing aspect of game, they are number 1-turnover ratio in nation.

..Josh Love throws on timing-very accurate.
..You can bring pressure and he will put the ball on the money
..He doesn’t hold the ball…doesn’t feel the pressure
..He is so hot-we have to change the coverages up-slow him down

..Coach Bran Brennan has done a great job-program was so low
..Winning at Arkansas was so impressive.
..He has taught the quarterback a lot over three years.
..Offense is all from the Air Raid passing tree..see same pass routes
..No matter what coverage you play-they get you in trouble
..Love wants to complete pass-gain 10-yards-not go for big play-just move ball
..Hitting quarterback makes a difference…he has been blitzed but gets rid of it

..Utah State’s Jordan Love was always looking for the play
..Josh Love much more controlled ..complete the ball…get first downs
..Love surprises you..thrown just 2-picks this year in some 240-passes this year.

..Teaching defense..don’t get beat deep-don’t get frustrated..QBs complete passes
..Don’t get bothered by giving up the big play..get ready for next one.

..Our number 1-goal is to play in conference championship game
..Bowl game is in the picture.
..I am critical of our program-goal to win all games..very few teams do that

..Offense last in lots of offensive categories..wish it was better
..New ideas-new formations-young receivers
..Only stat I care about is whether you win or lose
..Our offense keeps the ball a lot-which means Love does not get on field
..Turnovers can change momentum-we need to do that.

..Our offense played much better against Wyoming than Utah State
..QB made throws QBs don’t normally do…Ryan Agnew made big play.
..Can’t see how good QBs play till you look at video.
..Ryan Agnew can move the pocket, not lose accuracy..he’s been doing that forever.

..Agnew has no trouble with confidence and leadership..he’s easy going–
..When I played QB-if things don’t go right… you’d hear it from me

..Worry players burn off too much energy waiting around all day to play 7:30 or 8pm game…like playing at 1pm or 4pm.

..Biggest surprise…In year of upsets with MWC teams….San Jose at Arkansas was huge…beat a SEC team-best conference in country…When I saw the score, I thought it was the greatest thing to see.



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