1-Man’s Opinion on Sports—Wednesday “Aztecs Football-Crossroad Games”

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“Aztecs Football—Crossroad Games”


San Diego State may have a winning streak going, but they’re not playing well, for lots of reasons. Coach Rocky Long knows it after seeing his team fall off in productivity after the emotional high win at Boise State. Now they play Nevada on the road, then go to Fresno in two weeks. He was blunt about his team: Long’s quotes.

..Nevada hot right now-playing really well
..QB playing at high rate
..Wolfpack recruited well the last two years.

..Aztecs-young and inconsistent-fortunate to win some of games
..Nevada runs 3-3-5…run it differently….than us
..We move our 3-3-5 people around a lot in pre snap reads…they play stoic.

..Don’t know about our team being fatigued after Boise-playing lots young kids
..Played 24-freshman-redshirt freshman last week
..Size-speed-experience puts young team at disadvantage
..Young players get fatigued quicker at college level.
..Defensive problems pop up again last week-just not consistent

..I think we are on right track with all these kids
..Playing so many young kids not used to playing this level week-after-week
..Rookie NFL players hit wall halfway thru the season
..Our young players have hit the wall-not to used to that level yet.

..We don’t play good enough to be in the top 25-rankings
..Still looking for top RB-do it RB by committee
..Christian Chapman not ready to play unless it is an emergency
..Chapman is 4th on depth chart
..We see him practice…has to protect himself..tellnot ready to move the pocket

..Offensive line-thought they’d be consistent-haven’t been
..Ryan Agnew-at very critical times-made a lot of big plays…played well under pressure
..Agnew 51% completion rate…still makes huge plays when he has too
..Must improve 32%-3rd down conversion and upgrade passing game

..Defensive line allow 2.4YPC-don’t think they’re dominant…been very average
..We’re not close to being dominant-played 1-run team well-we lost
..Playing spread teams-give up yards and some points.
..Secondary growing-played better than pass rushers-not getting enough rush.

..John Baron always wants to kick the ball all the time
..His ability to make big time kicks in pressure situations-best ever been around
..Weather impacts kickers-always windy-makes bigger difference than any other part
..Yes they can kick it farther in high altitude.
..Our kickers-punters have never handled winds well…it changes the game..

..This is not crossroads game…at Nevada..at Fresno…they’re all important

..Ty Gangi-Nevada QB-moves ball well..throws ball well..more big plays
..Gangi much more comfortable 2nd year in Jay Norvell system
..Really good on offense last 3-weeks-beat up Hawaii-nearly beat Boise
..Really improved big run game-205-240 pounderss…can pound it..break tackles
..Nevada likely to put lots of guys at line of scrimmage-makes us throw the ball..


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