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“Aztecs Football-A Program That Has Arrived”


San Diego State football. You remember the great Don Coryell era as a Division II power. You remember Marshall Faull and the big games.

You also have not forgotten Chuck Long, Ted Tollner, Tom Craft and others in the down years.

The Aztecs open preseason camp, led by Rocky Long, who has compiled a (64-29) record, wins against Pac 12-teams, and bowl wins after bowl wins, in addition to Mountain West Conference titles.

This era of SDSU success has been wrapped around great individual players, Donnel Humphrey, Rashaad Penny, and a host of players who have gone on to the NFL.

It’s also been delivered by Long’s old school style of tough defense and running downhill football.

Tuesday was Aztecs Media Day, and people had things to say:

(Rocky Long)

..Pressure to maintain the program…if you don’t win now-people wonder what’s happened.

..We’ve had 8-years of great running backs…led by Ronnie Hillman-Donnell Humphrey-Rashaad Penny. Juan Washington is the next in line.

..Real camp battle-who backs up Juwaan Washington at running back-Chase Jazman-Chance Bell-Kaegun Williams-Zidane Thomas.

..Each of those young running backs has a different style…just like the Humphrey-Penny style were so different.

We must find WRs who are going to make us a bigger threat.

We have a younger secondary-that’s the quickest way to get beat

QB-Chrstian Chapman does not get recognition he deserves-it’s a disservice to say he ‘manages games’…About to become the winningest QB in school history….it’s not how many yards you throw for-it’s how many games you win….Great QB’s fit into systems and produce-he does.

Potentially best OL we have ever had…4-redshirt sophomores-all experienced…

Tariq Thompson had a real surprising freshman year at CB

John Barron-best kicker in the league…deep kickoffs help our defense.

Love game opportunities to play Stanford-Arizona State…prove we belong.

6-years ago we contacted each Pac 10-team and offered home and home contracts…all have agreed except UCLA-USC.

Gap between Power 5-schools and the Mountain West as big as the Grand Canyon in terms of resources…We don’t have what they have.

Future college football…TV contracts will be coming down…College football will expand playoffs to make up for lost revenue..

Transfer rules….great players on your teams won’t play entire career with you…Power 5-shools will try to recruit players from smaller schools….will lead to tampering…..this is a gad precedent.

Hiring Ryan Lindley-Jerome Haywood….you want guys with a connection to SDSU…they bring a special extra effort to the job as young coaches.



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