1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “Aztecs Football–Season Not Over”

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“Aztecs at Finish Line”


San Diego State is on the brink of a (9-3) finish to the season, if they can beat Brigham Young on Saturday night.

That record would give you a ‘feel good emotion’ to a season, especially based on what happened at the end of last season to SDSU.  But it just doesn’t feel that way.

A Jekyll-Hyde offense, strong one week, weak the next, has left as many unanswered questions as you could imagine.

Instead of a possible New Year’s Day bowl game, these late season setbacks have continued to cost the team a bowl match against a big time opponent, that could put the Aztecs on everyone’s national radar.

Not the case, and now a likely bowl berth against a team from Conference USA or the Sun Belt Conference, in either the New Mexico or Arizona Bowl.  Surely not big time.

BYU, operating as an independent, has disappeared off the national radar since leaving the Mountain West Conference.  The passing of Lavelle Edwards, and coaching changes since he left, have taken the Cougars in a different direction.

BYU did beat Tennessee early, then USC, and Boise State at mid season, so they are dangerous.  Their 5-game win streak now, was off set by a 3-game losing streak at mid season and blowout losses to Utah-and-Washington.   BYU has played a really big time schedule as an independent.

So who knows what this game would bring.

Coach Rocky Long’s comments.


..Really good football team coming in here
..Getting QB-Zach Wilson back form hand injury
..Best football team we have played all year

..Ryan Agnew will sit out practice till Thursday
..Carson Baker would be ‘next man up’.

..We have done a lot of really good things this year
..Only team qualified for bowl games 10-years in a row
..Our primary goal was to win championship-we didn’t get there
..But we have hit a lot of goals
..Really proud of senior class-took a leadership role I wanted
..Last yard did not play really hard..didn’t play with ‘want to’ attitude
..We changed it..senrios bought in..changed everything
..Team first attitude changed

..Thoughts on independent football teams…much prefer be in a league
..Some teams can’t afford scheduling…some think make more money independent
..I think eventually there will be a football tourney…everyone should be in conference

..BYU is playing in a bowl game…
..BYU sets its own standard as an independent
..BYU you can set your schedule the way you want
..If BYU came back to conference-would be a positive for our conference
..BYU has a national brand and would be good
..BYU might come back if MWC teams refused to schedule them
..BYU scheduling virtually all MWC teams.

..BYU big boy schedule..they are playing well now.
..Look like old time BYU from years ago…score-moved ball-
..Zach Wilson is like all the good ones they had..accuarate-deep throws-run
..Our players don’t know history BYU
..Kids did not know they have 25-26  year olds

..Aztecs defensive stats with a lot of young players-mean we could be good next year too
..Jekyll-Hyde offense-every team has an identity…some outscore you..
..Not sure of our backup QBs-no idea

..College football teams are growing…more overall schools playing Div i-II-III football


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