1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Aztecs-Rockyball About to Begin”

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1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday. “Rocky Long Ready for Rocky-ball…SDSU football”

Rocky Long…season opener vs Stanford…Long (64-29) as SDSU head coach…..Aztecs beat Stanford last year….Long’s comments about the Aztecs with season opening Friday night at Palo Alto.

..Focus kids same whether open Stanford or 1-AA school
..Stanford is ‘opportunity game’ to win non-conference
..Take 54true freshman on trip-will plan on playing them 4-games this year-new NCAA freshman redshirt year rule
..RB-Jordan Bird….DT-Keshawn Banks….WR-Kobe Smith will be part of freshman group travelling

..SDSU-Stanford…Similar philosophies-run ball-keep defense off field
..David Shaw believes like me..run ball is key to success.
..Reason ranked 13th in country….that coach-his players
..Bryce Love one of best running backs in country
..Bryce Love-great power-vision-understands defenses-great burst in open field

..Defense cannot be out numbered at line of scrimmage
..You cannot take great running back out of game
..Outweighed by 30-pounds per man-must make line scrimmage our favor

..Stanford had only 44-snaps in game last year vs SDSU
..We must control line of scrimmage to run the ball again like last year
..Concerns about Aztecs-we are inexperienced-they are not
..Last 2-years-we had veteran-matured team..now we are young
..Concerned immaturity of football team on road

..Expect Juwaan Washington have great year with veteran OL infront of him
..Still concerned about finding playmakers at WR
..Real challenge how many committ to line line of scrimmage…to stop Love

..Question can we hold up 1-on-1 in coverage vs WRs.
..Stanford has 6’7 tight end and two big WR’s-can we cover them

..Aztecs team been in big games…lots stadiums with big crowds..play on road not factor
..Hardest time to make team concentrate is 1st week of school-things to get done
..Stanford doesn’t start classes till end of month.

..KJ Costello- better thrower than Keller Chryst…Stanford better on offense now
..Christian Chapman-QB-experience keeps you out of bad plays-reads coverages
..Give him credit he deserves..judges on how many games win-not if he throws for 6,000-yards

..Find out by week four of season-what we do best….what is identify of our team
..David Shaw-as good as a coach in country…
..Stanford great things to offer..tough things to overcome-has done great job


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