1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “Aztecs–Sitting & Waiting”

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“Aztecs Basketball….Sit & Wait”


San Diego State is (30-2) and ranked 6th in the nation.

They wait now till Selection Sunday to see where, who they play.

They will get rested, they will get a player back in the lineup, they will be ready to go.

Coach Brian Dutcher:

..2-days of rest coming off the tourney loss.
..Begin prep for tourney on Tuesday-get this team better
..10-days off..rejuvenate-get our legs right
..We are beat up from 3-games in 3-days..good to get week and a half off
..We need to work on timing, spacing on set plays, on time-on target.
..We need to perfect things
..We lost 2-games by 6-points…close games help us prepare for March
..Matchups will be everything in the NCAA tourney game
..There are so many close games
..We do practice half court shots each day
..Holding out hope Nathan Mensah can play…2-doctors meetings this week
..He is going 100 miles an hour in practice-full workouts
..We don’t have someone with a 7-foot wingspan-so he would help us
..He has not had any contact workouts…working without contact
..His timing will be good if he is ready to play
..Nathan bringsĀ tremendous defensive presence inside on offense-defense
..We don”tĀ have anything like Nate on this roster-definitely missed him
..Shortened bench has not hurt us…AG Aroup- has played well with 8-man group.
..We are past the loss to Utah State
..Time off allows us to create some things to run others have not seen
..Let’s put 1-thing in that is dangerous in March other’s haven’t seen
..For these players, be on March Madness stage is exciting for us
..End of games-we made right calls-right player had ball in his hand
..Not bothered by where we are in the polls ranked behind 4-5 loss teams
..There is great parity in basketball..that’s why Gonzaga-Dayton-SDSU are ranked
..Our guys hate losing-they were disappointed in losing..we hung a banner
..We are going to play in March and that is good
..I thought we would click at start of the season…going (30-2)..wow.

..Great experience for chance to go play at Madison Square Garden and play
..Do want to scrimmage on Saturday just to get guys to get into the flow
..My guys don’t like practicing against each other
..We have talked to our players about the virus-crisis
..Universithy health has given our players packets as information
..Fans and spectators are important to game of basketball-playing in empty arena be hard
..This bye week is great for us-rest our legs.


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