1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “Aztecs-Which Is Real Team?”

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“Aztecs Football–Who Are These Guys”


San Diego State is a strange (1-1) this season. A struggle to win over a lower level 1-aa team, Weber State, then the stunning dominance of UCLA in the Pac 12-Conference.

To look so bad opening night, and so dominant the next weekend was a surprise.

This week, back on the road, to play a struggling New Mexico State Aggies program. NMSU is trying to regroup after getting trashed in two payday games, blowout losses to Alabama and Washington State, (62-10)..(57-10)..

Coach Rocky Long has plenty to say about his (2-0) SDSU team.


..Las Cruces is a tough place to get to, and to play at.
..On film, Aggies play hard and are better team than
..Watch Alabama beat NMSU-they do that to everyone
..WSU went up and down the field but Aggies moved the ball on them

..Aztecs players in past reached out to us after UCLA game

..Players prepared better…played better
..This wasn’t about the coaches, it was players intensity-execution
..We have to run ball better…have to block better at line of scrimmage
..We need to practice running the ball more…we’ve been throwing ball in practice
..We need to find better balance run and throw-it will come

..Ryan Agnew more comfortable-got better and better as game went on
..Agnew-ability to run and throw..buy time with feet..run ball if nothing is there..helps
..It was huge step forward for offense.
..Agnew-had a breakout game for him-but he has had outstanding games-one of his best…since last year.

..Kobe Smith-breakout game for him..got himself open…got yards after catch

..Defense tremendous on 3rd down…(9-30) conversion rate.

..New Mexico State job is very difficult job..staff done unbelievable job recruiting
..Aggies have players..will win some games
..Played them for the payday…Bama-WSU-Ole Miss…get 8M paydays
..You have to do that in places like New Mexico State…
..Longevity of coach not a good process….
..Aggies football is supporting entire Athletic Department-salute them.

..California vote to pay players…they are paid players-scholarships
..Governor will have to consider signing this bill for California schools
..Lots of changes coming at NCAA level-it’s not just a California schools issues
..If you pay players, big schools will have an advantage in California


Quarterback Ryan Agnew

..We made plays against UCLA
..Coaches good job getting us ready
..Week one we did not have focus, intensity, did not make plays..Week two we did.
..Week 1-we were nervous-uptight before big crowd
..Week 2-we saw how good we could be…do your job-we did
..Lockeroom became much closer.
..I knew what UCLA was going go do to us..so I was ready to move pocket-run ball
..We were surprised with win…celebrated…happy…time to move
..Kobe Smith is a stud…not surprised to see him run routes..run sideline routes
..This is a young group and preparation took a jump between weeks 1-and-2
..Does not matter who we play on Saturday…we have same mentality..we can win
..We can play SDSU-tough football.and win…
..Not surprised in conference wins..what Hawaii-Wyoming-Boise State done two weeks
..This is a good conference-good offenses…we want entire conference successful


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