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“Heartache Everywhere-World & Sports”


We just cannot get away from all the sad news in our society.

Sometimes you wish it was really ‘fake news’…but it’s not.

Roy “Doc'” Halladay, the warrior of a pitcher with the Blue Jays and Phillies had his life snuffed out yesterday around noon.

The retired right-hander, an 8-time All Star in a 16-year career as a warrior on the mound, perished at the controls of his newly acquired single engine plane.

It plunged into the Gulf of Mexico, just off the Tampa Bay coast, near his home in Clearwater, Florida.

He was doing what he always wanted to do, fly planes, his hobby, his passion after leg his other hobby, taking the ball every 5th day during an illustrious firebrand career in Toronto and Philadelphia.

I interviewed him once while at the Mighty 1090. He was all business, all the time serious, intelligent, a great quote, and forever opinionated.

He was a carbon copy of Justin Verlander and Clayton Kershaw. Fierce as a player and person. Private and quiet, honest and humble.

He was (203-105), an impressive stat, especially when you consider he didn’t always pitch for good teams.

He was beloved in the clubhouse, and a fighter on the mound. The best word to describe him was “spirit”…all the time.

And when it was over, he was gone from baseball, just like that, when all the starts, all the innings took a toll, he walked away, onto his next adventure…flying all the time.

We don’t know yet what cause the accident. Engine failure, structural damage, pilot error.The high speed chase plane, flew fast and low over water. It was found upside down, canopy in the water. There was no mayday call, just a damaged plane, and a life ended.

In the weeks that have just passed, we have had to grieve the horrors of what just happened outside San Antonio. Shocked at the depths of the Las Vegas tragedy. Stunned at what happened in New York City, or Charleston, or Orlando.

It seemingly never ends, and now baseball has been touched by sadness in its own backyard.

Gone from baseball in a minute. Gone from our lives in a minute too.

Doc Halladay, a real talent and a really strong as iron type of guy. 600-major league players tweeted sadness in the first 6-hours after news of the crash came out.

Mourned and to be missed by lots of people.


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