1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Baseball Playoffs-Electric-Dramatic”

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“Baseball Playoffs-Emotion-Drama”


I’t pretty electric, regardless of where the games are.

Fenway Park fans are frantic. In Houston, they howl.

In Milwaukee, the nose level was spectacular. At Dodgers Stadium, LA fans showing things they hardly ever show-fire.

And so the ALCS and NLCS have bought us some spectacular plays, big home runs, great defense, and tons of strikeouts.

The Red Sox lead Houston in that American League series, by virtue of a stunning home run late that blew the game open at Minute Maid Park.

As dominant as Boston has been, they bombed their way a big win in Houston, this from a team that hits (.282) at home and just (.236) on the road.

Houston oddly hits better on the road than they do at their homer-happy own stadium.

Both teams have amazing lineups.

Houston needs a win now with Charley Morton coming off the DL to get this critical Wednesday start.

Boston has to be concerned about the health issues around Chris Sale, and the fact David Price has no history of any post season success.

Rookie Betts or Jose Altuve could well decide this series.

This Dodgers-Astros series has been on the edge.

Some long ball hitting, but lots of strikeouts, 17-last nite by LA and 15-via Milwaukee’s order. .

Some really nasty play, thanks to 3-incidents involving Manny Machado. Some fabulous catches and near catches involving Cody Bellinger.

And some risky play involving glove challenged Dodgers catcher Yasmani Grandal.

The managers will be questioned when this is all over. Milwaukee’s overuse and reliance on Josh Hader.

The Dodgers use or is it mis-use of its long relievers, Kenta Maeda and Alex Wood, when they pitched, how many guys they pitched too.

This drama on Tuesday night was really something. LA’s strikeout totals are staggering thru the first 4-games of the series..17-strikeouts in the last game…and 49-k’s in four games.

The Brewers bullpen has to be exhausted, 10-shutout innings last nite alone and they lost. Do they have anything left?

So we march forward.

Houston has to win on Wednesday. The Dodgers are at a crossroads too. They could take the lead in this series with Clayton Kershaw in a short turnaround.

We’ve seen so much, and we’ll see a little more.

Don’t know if the World Series can top what we’ve seen in the AL-NL Championship series.

Emotion….drama….tension….you name it-we’ve seen it, and this baseball postseason is not over yet.


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