1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Baseball Tonight-No Place for the Timid”

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Playoffs-No Place for the Timid”


The Yankees bludgeoned the Minnesota Twins last night in the American League wildcard playoff game.

Aaron Judge hit his 53rd home run of the season, a screaming linedrive that drove home a couple of runs and led the Yankees to a lopsided win.

Tonight could be much of the same in the National League, as Colorado faces Arizona in their wildcard play-in game.

The Yankees dispatched the Twins for the fifth straight time in postseason play. Minnesota is just (1-14) vs the guys wearing Pinstripes in Octobers past..

The Rockies can hit, as witnessed by their wild statistics in home games at Coors Field. But that thin-air, humidor baseball.

Of course in the desert balls can fly too, as witnessed by the Diamondbacks stats.

The Rockies hit (.298) with 110-home runs in Denver. On the road, the marks are (.248-82HRs)

Arizona’s numbers are even stranger. At Chase Field (.274-122HR). Away from home (.235-98HR). Thank goodness this is a one game series, and it’s in Phoenix.

Arizona will start its ace, 17-game winner Zack Greinke, as elite a pitcher as there is, this side of Clayton Kershaw.

Sometimes you wonder if this 1-and-done concept is unfair. You grind thru 162-games of an elongated season, fight your way in, and then get done-in in one night.

MLB says only 33% of their teams reach post season And they say a best of 3-series would create scheduling issues. What if the Red Sox and Yankees had a tie breaking game, before you ever got to the wild card matchup? What if you had rainouts.

There’s no doubt the wildcard matches are intense, exciting, and electric.

Somebody wins and goes on, the other goes home, as a loser.

So tonight, t’s Paul Goldschmidt or JD Martinez turn to be a hero. Or maybe it is the night Nolan Arenado or Charley Blackmon have a game to remember.

You’d rather be the Dodgers, the Nationals, or the Indians, than the Padres or Marlins, or someone else.

Lots of talent, lots of intensity, and not a place for the timid, these wildcard play in-playoff games..


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