1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “Baseball’s Mess–Blame Game-Criticism”

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“Spraying Shots Everywhere”


MLB….Twenty four hours after the fact, people around baseball don’t think the sanctions handed down against the Astros were tough enough.  1-owner told USA Today…’They stole two seasons and possibly two World Series by cheating’.  Some think MLB should have taken all their draft picks away for two years, all their international signing bonus money, vacated the World Series they won.

DODGERS BLUE….Now you can connect the dots.  Dateline 2017, the Dodgers top starters, Clayton Kershaw-Yu Darvish get smoked in road games in Houston.  Were they revealing pitches?  Were they worn out?  No, the Astros were stealing signals in the 2017-Fall Classic according to Rob Manfred’s report.  But he doesn’t want teams talking about how they feel cheated.

ASTROS…Guilty as charged, but in the process, they gave evidence they stockpiled, that at least 7-other teams they believed that were cheating, as if maybe they’d get a lighter sentence.  Among those the Houston front office fingered, were the Dodgers and Yankees.

BRAIN DRAIN….Houston loses its General Manager, it’s Assistant GM, it’s Manager.  But that is not all.  They lost two other key assistants a year ago, who became the GMs in Baltimore and in Milwuakee.  Who takes over, and how hard will it be to keep the team at the level it is at, will be a challenge.  Think things will be hostile when the Astros go on the road next year?

SAY WHAT…Owner Jim Crane was pretty much matter of fact in his Astros press conference as he fired GM-Jeff Luhnow and then Manager AJ Hinch an hour after the Manfred report came down.  He axed both within minutes of the start of his own press conference, saying “we have had great baseball people and we got great results”.  Yes but you cheated for nearly two full seasons and post seasons./. Crane gave Luhnow a blank piece of paper to fix the team.  He did by breaking the rules.  How can Crane be proud of that accomplishment?

WHY HIM…The shocker of all this ending the way it did, was AJ Hinch.  The manager was a man of ethics, a Christian man, a cerebral man everytime you crossed paths with him.  How could he allow to this to go on and on and not stop it?  Not go to Luhnow? Not go directly to Crane?  That’s what makes no sense at all.

RED SOX….They were next in line, but took matters into their own hands, with the firing of Alex Cora on Tuesday evening.  Still to be determined will be if front office execs or coaches, who are considered management, will take a hit too.  Cora may never work again in baseball.  Why so quickly?  Cora got canned because he was the ‘ringleader’ in the Houston scandal in 2017, and then moved to Boston and installed the same system at Fenway Park.  This after two sets of memos handed down by the Commissioner’s office.  Brazen beyond belief.  Unemployed too.

SPRING TRAINING…Can’t come soon enough for baseball to get this off the front page, but doubt this story will go away.  I bet players will be talking more and more about what they believe.  Trust me on this one.


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