1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday. “Boxing-Fight of Century-or-Fraud of Century?”

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“Boxing-Fight of Century-or-Fraud of Century”


It’s happened before.

Boxing mismatches.

You wonder, how did this fight get sanctioned? Why would anyone want to watch this fight? How bad is this fight going to be?

In a sport that gave us Gerry Cooney and Leon Spinks….Marvis Frazier and Wladimnir Klitzchko, we get this.

Floyd Mayweather-vs-Conor McGregor.

A sport that gave us a champion like Manny Pacquiao…Roberto Duran…Sugar Ray Leonard…Marvin Hagler….we have to deal with this.

The history book reads of our love affair with Muhammad Ali, Smoking Joe Frazier, Lenox Lewis, George Foreman and so many other great champs.

We remain mezmorized over the life and times of Mike Tyson, and recall the greatness of Oscar DeLaHoya..

You never forget the Brown Bomber Joe Louis, or Tunney-Dempsey-and the likes of their era.

But this Las Vegas matchup might be intriguing,but in all likelihood, might be messy.

Mayweather is (49-0), has made zillions, has been in and out of jail. He has fought people on his own schedule, normally when age has caught up with an opponent. World champ and wife beater too.

McGregor is (21-3) and has those UFC championship belts. He has personna squared.

For every fight fan you canvass, those who love action in the ring, those who scream and yell about what happens inside the cage, you get different opinions.

Can McGregor last more than a couple of rounds against this champ?. UFC bouts are 5-rounds max unless someone taps out.

McGreogr has never fought with 8-ounce boxing gloves. He’s never seen this quickness, explosiveness, mechanics.

He won’t be able to use his feet as weapons will he?.

Will his looping punches leave him exposed to crushing counter punches?.

Can he take a blow to the jaw?. How will be hold up to body shot after body shot-round after round?

What happens if he drops his hands, as he usually does in UFC?.

It will be the boxer vs the brawler.

It will be the sweet science vs the blood sport.

Fight of the century? of Fraud of the century?


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