1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “Chargers Coach-All Business All the Time”

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“Chargers Coach-All Business-All the Time”


He didn’t smile. He didn’t joke around. He answered respectfully.

There were some cliches, some curt answers, some generic stuff.

Anthony Lynn is still getting used to being a head coach. Sometimes you wonder if he feels strange standing on the defensive side of the ball with his coaches. Sometimes standing and talking to his kickers.

His entire life has been on offense, running back in the NFL, special teams guy, running backs coach, then the brief interim head coach tenure in Buffalo.

What he said after the lst full day of OTAs at the LA Chargers camp in San Diego (and doesn’t that feel strange too)

Philip Rivers..”Everything I’ve always heard. Serious all the time”
Melvin Ingram..”He needs to be here-we’re installing a different defense”

Keenan Allen..”Most pleasant surprise..just 6-months removed from surgery”
Mike Williams..”Will hold him out another week-still back spasms-he has so much to learn”
Melvin Gordon…”Running-make all the cuts-no problems with knee”
Brandon Oliver..”Fully back from Achilles surgery-doing all running:

Forrest Lamp-Dan Feeney..”Learning the speed of the game-game will slow down for them with more reps”
Jamal Jones..”FA WR been the most impressive newcomer”

Donnie Inman…”New knew he needed surgery-do it now-maybe be back when camp opens in late July.”

Punters…”We have two in camp because I want competition”
Defense..”Putting everything that’s new…we don’t have a problem with this year’s defense”

It was an interesting exchange. There were no ‘aw shucks’ expressions from Norv Turner. There was no mention of words like ‘in the best interest of the team’…or the ‘best 53 on the roster’…the typical junk we got from Mike McCoy.

GM Tom Telesco came around, shook hands and said hi, unlike the former GM AJ Smith, who would stand on his tower overlooking all of his football empire, giving off a glare and stare of dislike.

Not to be seen, the cowardly owner Dean Spanos, but then again he was probably packing boxes to fill the moving vans that were parked outside.

Anthony Lynn has worked hard to deserve this opportunity. His personality is all work, all the time. We’ll see if that equates to wins.


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