1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “Chargers-No Luck or Bad Luck”

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“Charters–No Luck-Bad Luck”


If they didn’t have bad luck, they would have no luck at all.

The NFL injury report for the coming weekend goes are due out on Wednesday, and you wonder how much longer this can go on.

Philip Rivers is still standing at quarterback for the Chargers, but finding enough healthy people to put around him remains a challenge week-by-week.

The Bolts get a winless(0-4) Denver Broncos team this weekend at home, but you just wonder how many more injuries this team can take before it all collapses around them?

The siege of major injuries started in preseason camp, with the revelation of the blood clots plaguing LT-Russell Okung.  Season threatening, it has now become career threatening, as to whether will ever play again.

Then FS-Derwin James went down with a fractured foot, necessitating surgery, that will keep him out till at least week eight, if not the rest of the season.

Starting corner Trevor Williams never got healthy in camp from knee problems, and is gone on season ending IR.

Safety Adrian Phillips, their top nickel back, is gone with a broken forearm.

And oft injured LB-Denzel Perryman is hurt again, this time with a concussion.

His running mate, fellow LB-Jatavis Brown, can’t stay on the field. This time, anon going ankle injury.

Rookie safety Nassir Adderly, the second round draft pick, got hurt in OTA workouts, is just back, but yet to crack tq play with any regularity.

All that on the defensive side of the football.

And now the injury bug has gone across the hallway into the meeting rooms of the offense.

Hunter Henry, the young star TE, cannot get out from the injury clouds that have impacted his career.  A fractured kneecap will take him out till mid season, if not longer.

His backup Virgil Green has been dry docked for weeks with a groin.

And now the third TE in the group, Sean Caulkins, is gone with a ruptured Achilles, on a fluke play, going down untouched after catching a pass, turning up field and then going down.

Mike Williams had a knee injury and now a back injury, and just cannot stay on the field.

The third wide receiver Travis Benjamin has another nagging injury for the their year in a row, this a hip pointer.

Veteran journeyman WR-Donnie Inman came here, caught a few passesandnow has a quad injury.

The young power running back Justin Jackson, productive in cameo appearances, is down with a calf injury, things that do not heal quickly.

And who knows when we will see kicker Michael Badgley, groin injuries being what they are, slow to heal..

Add it up, and that’ 16- significant injuries, and we are just four games into the 2019 NFL season.

The Bolts are losing a quality player a week, and there just aren’t enough players around to step up and replace those going down.

They are struggling to find the right mix of “43” players to suit up on game day.

Here comes Denver, and their season is going down the drain too, with lots of ailing players.

Just think of the body bag count with the Chargers, and think of the absurdity of the new proposal made by the owners to the Union, increasing the schedule to 17-games next year.  Does anybody think this is a good idea?

The Chargers can’t, shouldn’t, and likely won’t support that move.  But money talks, and people walk, and change their votes.  The added dollars to each club can’t on the field and play.

The Bolts have the teeth of the schedule ahead of them yet.  You wonder when the weight of the injuries, will cause the team to fall down completely.

If the Chargers didn’t have bad luck, they’d have no luck at all.


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