1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday. “Chargers-The Truth-The Whole Truth-Nothing But the Truth”

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“Chargers-I Want the Truth-Whole Truth-Nothing But the Truth”


So here we are, headed to the final week of the NFL season, and the LA Chargers are still in the playoff race.

To hear their first year coach, Anthony Lynn, it’s all about his praise for the players and the organization, overcoming all the ‘adversity’ they had to deal with during their season of transition.

‘Adversity’, sure, it was everywhere, but who caused it to come front and center?

It’s no one’s fault but their own that the owner moved the team, and created a franchise that no one loves.

They’re the ones who decided to hold their OTA off season workouts in San Diego behind closed gates, and then had the gall to say no one in San Diego wanted to cover them, or treat them with respect.

The Chargers are the ones who located to Costa Mesa, somewhere lost in Orange County, where few fans, and limited media, came to interact with the team.

It was their decision to play in a futbol stadium, where they never created any type of home field advantage, because football in that futbol stadium was filled by fans of the other team.

And last I checked, it was the team’s ownership that sold bulks of tickets to brokers, not the individual fans, and it was those brokers that sold volumes of those tickets to Eagles, Chiefs, Bills and Browns fans.

It was the pitiful (0-4) start that buried the team on the back pages of the sports sections and put their stories later in TV sportscasts, because no one would feel they were equal to the Dodgers World Series chase, the arrival of Lonzo Ball with the Lakers, and then the emergence of the cross town Rams as the ‘elite’ team in the NFC.

An (8-7) record with one to play, and needing a bunch of help to get to the playoffs.

No self incrimination from the head coach over his stubborn attitude they would ‘ground and pound’ even when it was apparent, then and now, they cannot run block. And it was the coaching staff that went weeks without incorporating all the weapons to help Philip Rivers out. And it was the coaching staff that has now gone thru a league high four field goal kickers, no more trustworthy now in week-17 than they were in week number-1

And of course no one will point a finger at an organization that made mis-step after mis-step from the first day they announced the move from the 55-years of loyalty to a season long experience of ambivolence.

And how about those all time low home-market TV ratings in Los Angeles, where they were at times the fourth rated TV game, out of four, televised in LA. Not to mention San Diego, where once they drew a 31-rating, but now were getting 10-ratings, probably more hate viewing than anything else.

No the coach just wanted to talk about all the adversity the staff and players got thru to still be in the hunt.

But nowhere in his weekly comments this week, was there any mention of how they have slogged to (8-7) against the third weakest schedule in the league.

And thank goodness the winless Browns, the pitiful Jets, and the stupidity of the Buffalo coaching staff, helped get them wins. Yes a (2-5) record against teams with winning records is still very much part of why they are where they are right now.

We see if the Raiders, a real underachiever this year, can upset them, or if the other teams that have to win, actually lose on Sunday afternoon.

And even if the Bolts get a wildcard spot, do you think they can go back on the road and win against the real people who will be in postseason? A win at Arrowhead Stadium against the Chiefs? A win against the Baltimore Ravens there in the charm city if need be?

Anthony Lynn wants us to believe in greatness of his team, though it seems all the problems, on and off the field, were caused by his people, from top to bottom.

At least the Chargers are consistent. Like their brethren, the NFL, it’s all lies. They overcame all these negatives. Just like Team Spanos never had any help in building a stadium in San Diego, and had to move to LA.

Lies, what they’ve accomplished. Lies, all the negatives they’ve had to deal with.

The Chargers. The truth, the whole truth, nothing but the truth. But not from them, not then, not now, heading to the final week of the season no one cares about.


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