1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday…”College Football Rule Changes-For Better or Worse”

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“Rule Changes Football for Better or Worse”


Just what we needed, more pages added to the NCAA rule book, though maybe this will help. Here’s what they voted in..and what I think.

DECEMBER SIGNING PERIOD…Division 1-schools will be able to sign a full compliment of recruits in early December now, rather than wait for February. The big boys are going to get whom the big boys want, but it helps mid level schools, because the Power 5-schools will know who they have and don’t have, therefore it will cut down on last minute raids of teams in the Mountain West, Mid American level, who would lose players at the last minute.

GOODBYE GRAYSHIRTS…The NCAA mandates schools only sign 25 players to grants, no more over signing players, and taking the excess and holding them out till January to count against the following year’s count. There will be no gray shirting of any recruits.

EARLY RECRUITING VISITS…Prospective players will be able to make their paid recruiting vists in April-May-June of their junior season, because they can now sign in December of their senior season. It puts more stress on coaches, who now have to evaluate players earlier and likely have to use all their 56-on campus visits. Recruiting costs will go up.

COACHING STAFFS…Each school can add a 10th full time assistant to their staff, however left undecided, what to do about the super powers who bring in all these administrative assistants to do research, game film study etc. Alabama last year had 21-total working under Nick Saban.

PRESEASON PRACTICES…Completely eliminate 2-a-day practices,as a safety measure, and it comes after a cutback in spring workouts in pads. Coaches will have to figure how to teach players when you are not in pads and not going full speed. Classroom work and film study only goes so far. Just ask the NFL about their cutbacks in offseason and preseason.

SUMMARY…Tightening rules helps, but the NCAA has to be vigilant because coaches will find ways to create new recruiting advantages, witness the Jim Harbaugh satellite travel camps.


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