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“Color of the Day–Black”


We have never seen a day like this.
What should we feel now.
What is our future.
Wishing for the past.

The words are shocking.  The outlook is grim.  Our state of mind is numbing.  Our future seems scary.

It’s the Virus-Crisis we are dealing with, trying to live thru.

On a normal day today, we’d be talking about things we deemed important.  Not so much today.

..Will it be a Dodgers-Astros World Series of Hate?
..The Lakers-Clippers NBA playoff series-who will face Milwaukee?
..Will Joe Burrow be a Cincinnati Bengal?

None of that conversation today, for it seems so unimportant considering what is important at his hour.

The pictures are gripping.
The memories will forever be searing in our minds and hearts

The death toll as of Tuesday night has just surpassed the 9-11 tragedy and we know what that did to our psyche.

Consider where we are today and what we used to talk about.

The Padres opening day ceremony under clear blue skies.
..Elmhurst Hospital in New York, over-run with patients, lying in hallways.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s pronouncement-“With the last pick in the NFL Draft”
..The Red Cross ships pulling into New York and LA harbors

Lebron James and Kawhi Leonard’s postgame press conferences.
..Governor Cuomo press conferences pleading for medical equipment

Tiger Woods teeing off at the Masters in Augusta
..Nurses crying
..Doctors in surgery
..Tractor trailers full of bodies

Screaming NHL fans as the Stanley Cup playoffs begin
..Sirens of ambulances and firetrucks
..Helicopters landing at hospitals

20-horses to to the Gate at the Kentucky Derby
..Masks-Gowns-PPE equipment-Ventilators

“Gentlemen start your engines” at Indianapolis
..Reports of 88-year olds and 10-month olds dying

72,000-cheering Liverpool-Manchester City in English soccer
..Projections of 100-to-200,000 deaths in the next two weeks.

Free-Agency, the NFL Draft Board, Rankings, Trades.
..Unemployment figures, bankruptcies and a US map with red-circle hot spots everywhere.

We are no longer Padres-Chargers-Dodgers-Lakers-Angels fans.
..There are no longer Republicans-Democrats-we are now just Americans..

We are Americans and we are in trouble.

As our country came together in prayer and respect in the hours and days after the Twin Towers tragedy, we must come together now.

Never before have we needed unity in our nation.

Pray for a loving God to help us thru what is just ahead.

The Color of the Day needs to be Red-White-Blue.  Today it feels black.


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