1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “NFL Football in LA–Something Historical Here”

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“NFL in LA-Should Be Most Exciting Times”


What a weekend ahead for NFL fans in Los Angeles.

In its long storied history, LA has not, in recent times, had two great teams at the same time, playing for the same spot, a Super Bowl berth, until now.

Yes there was great LA Rams history for decades upon decades. Modern day Rams football under Ray Malavasi or Chuck Knox or even George Allen back in the day.

Raiders football, in the Al Davis era, with some good seasons when they brought their games to the LA Coliseum.

But never in the same years, have we seen this. The Rams, led by bright-light coach Sean McVay with a (13-3) record, triggered by QB-Jared Goff.

The Chargers, led by future Hall of Fame QB-Philip Rivers, now (14-4), winning all these must-win games on the road.

Oh the history of the NFL in the city.

The Rams getting to the 1979-Super Bowl under Ray Malavasi, though not winning.

Some glory years under George Allen, (41-11-4) in the early 70s.

The Chuck Knox run (54-17). John Robinson went (26-11) there too.

The LA Raiders actually won a Super Bowl in 1983…and had a (43-14) run under Tom Flores before times changed and Al Davis lost his magic touch as the 1980s became the 90s.

But never once were they all great at the same time. Now it’s a different time.

Some think today’s Rams and Chargers teams are both are on a collision course to maybe play each other in the Super Bowl four weeks from now.

But that’s where the comparisons end.

Because off the field, these two teams are viewed very differently. It would be like comparing heaven to hell…the North Pole to the equator…..a saint and a devil.

Stan Kroenke, one of Pro Football’s richest owner, with a supposed net worth of 20B, leading the Rams. Owning a sports empire that includes an NBA-NHL-MLS and EPL teams. Owning stadiums here in the states and abroad. Running his own regional sports network. And the man building this palace of a stadium in Hollywood Park.

Kroenke compared to Chargers owner Dean Spanos, dirt poor by economic standards, worth just over 2B in net worth. The man despised in San Diego, and made to feel unwelcome in his new home in Los Angeles. The wanna-be owner, turned down by the NFL owners in a 30-1 vote in his bid to build a new stadium in Carson. The family that San Diego voters rejected on a downtown project he tried to push thru after stiffing the City and County leaders.

A fitting exclamation point might be pictures of a Rams home game, sold out to more than 70,000-fans, compared to a Chargers-Broncos-or Chargers-Cardinals home game, where the colors of the day were Broncos Orange, or Cardinal red, surrounded by empty blue Chargers seats.

And that’s not mentioning the sea of Silver & Black that took over 85% of the seats when the Raiders played the Chargers at the Stub Hub Center at midseason.

And then this, just 24-hours ago from Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about the success of the NFL return to the LA market.

“Proud of the Rams and Stan Kroenke”
“Great goodwill in LA because of the Rams-Stan-the Stadium”

Even the wheeler-dealer that is the bombastic brilliant Cowboys owner loves the Rams, and pays little regard to the other team in town, the Chargers. Not loved around the NFL, little love in Los Angeles, used to be beloved in San Diego.

Forget those in the owners box, some who have earned their glory, compared to others given the team. Just focus on the product on the field.

The dynamics of an explosive Rams team-loaded with offense and a high priced defense. The evolution of a Chargers team with a brilliant quarterback, excellent coaching with its coordinators, and an eclectic group of players put together by a quiet-resolved General Manager.

This Saturday and Sunday put aside all the historical venom directed at Kroenke (being sued in St. Louis)…and Spanos (being spit on in San Diego) and just enjoy Rivers-Goff and the gang.

It has never happened before…two Super Bowl teams from the same city. Never in LA…surely never in New York (Giants-Jets)….not in Bay Area (Raiders-49ers) nor in Chicago (Bears-Cardinals).

Fun to think about this weekend. Rams-Chargers-where it might lead to. You can always get back into hate-mode come next Monday.


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