1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday. “NFL–How Did Your Day at the Office Go?”

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“NFL Scandals-Everywhere”


Tough day..tough stories for the NFL.

But these scandalous stories aren’t going away without explanations.

And listening to Roger Goodell’s generic comments, I bet he wishes all this would end.

But it can’t..not when the first thing in your mind are words live coverup, whitewash.

The NFL has alot on its plate right now, and we are not talking about the collapse of the Chiefs, the unbeaten Arizona Cardinals, the surprise season of the Bengals or the struggles of all those first round draft pick kid quarterbacks.

In Washington, the league spent 10-months investigating the toxic culture of the Washington Redskins team led by its disgraced owner Daniel Snyder.  They fined him 10M dollars, ordered to give up day to day control of the team, and had 5-executives exit the team, the aftermath of lawsuits from 40 women who filed suits against the franchise for sexual harassment of women in the front office and those who were cheerleaders.

The NFL says it won’t release any of the reports in the probe,citing the protection of those who volunteered testimony in the probe.  But you can black out the victims names, but you can detail those guilty and what they did, considering it has already cost the franchise 10M.

Then there is the Email chain involving former GM Bruce Allen and disgraced coach Jon Gruden, with the NFL refusing to detail who else was on the Email chains of the Gruden racist Emails.  Who were they sent to, how did they respond, who got tainted by all this?

In Houston we have gone 10-months now with police investigating possible sexual assault and misconduct charges against Texans QB-Deshaun Watson.  He has not been suspended, but is being paid while not playing.  The Texans and the NFL holding fans hostage during a crap-Houston season. The NFL says its investigation is incomplete until the police complete their probe of right-vs-wrong with what Watson demanded of female physical therapist.

In St Louis, the NFL is (0-6) in the court rooms, attempting to quash the 1.6B lawsuit filed by St Louis, the city, the county, the state asking for 1.6B in damages for the league violating it’s relocation rules, allowing the Rams to move to Los Angeles.  Judges have said the trial starts, the NFL must release documents in discovery, there will be no change in venue and more.  This looks pretty bad for the NFL.

So Goodell looks so lame at the podium, issuing generic, feeble responses to questions from the media about the mess the NFL has at its front door.

Bet they would wish they just had to talk about the Patrick Mahomes turnovers, or the Bears quarterback mess, or the winless Detroit Lions.

And until they talk, all I can think of are coverups, whitewashes, half truths.  The lack of transparency is a black mark in a league that is accumulating alot of black eyes.


Tough day at the NFL League office.




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