1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “NFL-Let the QB Derby Begin”

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“NFL Quarterback Derby-Let It Begin”


Bad teams, more likely than not, have bad quarterbacking problems.

So Friday, as NFL teams all report to camp, comes the hope somebody new might lead these teams to better times.

In Cleveland, the Browns have gone (1-31) over the last two years, that win against the San Diego Chargers of all people.

Baker Mayfield, the 1st pick is still unsigned, weird considering how desperate things are in the Browns backyard. They did acquire Tyrod Taylor from Buffalo, and he can keep you in games, but is he a difference maker?

The Jets do have Ted Bridgewater, the ex Viking, but no one knows how he holds up one a whole year, coming off that massive knee surgery two plus years ago. USC rookie Sam Darden had a good camp, but he’s unsigned. Journeyman Josh McCown is still there, to help Darden grow.

In Buffalo, AJ Mccarran comes from Cincinnati, but he hardly played, all those years with the Bengals. The future hopes Wyoming rookie Josh Allen, and he didn’t really work with the number one unit in OTA drills. Yes the weather in Laramie and Buffalo can be the same in late fall, but there’s such a long distance from playing in the Mountain West-vs-the NFL>

In Baltimore, this will be fun to watch. Joe Flacco has done so many great things, but you wonder if his best days are behind him, or whether the Ravens have failed tout better people around him? We know that Lamar Jackson did superstar things at Louisville, run first, throw second. He’s dynamic but does not appear ready to play in the NFL yet, but then against Russell Wilson showed up and did it in Seattle.

Josh Rosen of UCLA is in Arizona, so is the short term veteran rental Sam Bradord. The Cardinals are good, are they ready to donate a season to develop Rosen. But then again Bradford has had big injury problems, so Rosen might well wind up on th field.

Yes, Kirk Cousins got his big payday in Minnesota. Case Keenum has moved to Denver. Alex Smith was traded to Washington. But those are proven quarterbacks with big time track records.

We know what Tom Brady-Philip Rivers-Eli Manning-Matt Ryan-Drew Brees have accomplished. We know what Andrew Luck used to do.

It’s Jim Garopplo’s show in San Francisco, hoping year two picks up from what he did in year one.

How different a year does Dak Prescott have with so many changes on the Dallas offense?

Big Ben Roethlisberger may or may not have his top running back in Pittsburgh. The Rams Jared Goff is primed for another great season with an even better offense around him.

The kids take over in Chicago, Mitch Trubisky and Pat Mahomes in Kansas City.

Carson Wentz comes back healthy in Philadelphia, Jameis Winston in suspended in Tamp Bay. Miami’s Ryan Tannehill is trying come back from two knee injuries. How big a bounce back season will it be in Houston for Deshaun Watson remains to be seen.

Cam Newton has a new offensive coordinator, and Derek Carr has a new head coach. You know Norv Turner and John Gruen’s track records.

Does Blake Bortels continue to improve in Jacksonville?.

But more than anything else, the new faces in new places at quarterback will be the storyline in some of these NFL cities.

Keep watching.


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