1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “NFL-Quarterback Race-Chase-About to Begin”

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The QB Derby–Race About to Begin”


They need quarterbacks, most of the teams atop the NFL Draft board.

In Indianapolis, the blue chip quarterbacks will begin workouts, then meet with respective teams for personal interviews.

We could have as many as 8-quarterbacks go in the first round of the draft.  Some could be instant stars, others will take time to develop, some surely will be projects that will take time.

Look for movement at the top of the draft board….not from Cincinnati, but from everyone else.

The names atop the board, flash in neon lights.  The Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow.  Alabama’s QB-Tua.  Oregon’s passing star Justin Herbert.

The unknown on the rise, might be Utah State’s Jordan Love.  Beyond that group would be the up and down Washington Huskies Jacob Eason, and further back Georgia’s Jake Fromm

The Bengals and Joe Burrow of LSU seem a perfect link.  Home state boy, staying at home to help fix an ailing franchise.

But the Bengals still have Andy Dalton, and think about this idea.  Keep Dalton, and trade the pick to Miami for all three of their first round picks.  The Dolphins draft 5-18-26.  Cincinnati could then go get the kind of help they need to fill all the other holes that developed around Dalton over the last couple of years.  Miami would get Burrow.

Miami is sitting  there with the 5th pick, and  that puts them in line for Tua Tagovailoa, who appears ready to workout, coming off the fractured hip surgery.  But there is a health history issue, three different surgeries in two years, for the Crimson Tide that could scare people away.

The Chargers are sending mixed signals  about how they replace Philip Rivers.  Is it Tyrod Taylor, a journeyman at best?  Is it a free agent like Marcus Marietta, a fove of coach Anthony Lynn?  Or is it Justin Herbert, the 6’6 gem of a quarterback from Oregon?

Herbert’s stats don’t overwhelm you, because he had roster limitations at Oregon.  He did not throw 60-TDs like Burrow did.  He did not put up massive passing yards as Tua did at the football factory that was Alabama.

But the Oregon Duck brings size, accuracy, mobility, and a 4.5GPA to consume information, having played for 3-coordinators in 3-years at Autzen Stadium

But there could also be changes at the top of the leader board, via trades, that could shake this draft upside down.

Rumors are that the Detroit Lions at 3-might trade out for someone who wants to move up to take a quarterback.

The Giants, sitting at four, might be willing to trade down too..

Carolina is at number seven and still unresolved, what to do about Cam Newton, might find a way to trade up and become a player in all this.

Teams in the top six need to be worried, somebody might jump infront of them.

And if that is not enough, keep an eye on free agency.

It’s more than just Philip Rivers and Tom Brady.  Look for new faces in new places.

The Raiders have two picks, 12-and-19, and a possible Derek Carr as trade bait too, and you read between the lines, and realize Jon Gruen always likes to look at different quarterbacks beyond his own.

Jacksonville is the other team with multiple picks, at (9&20) but won’t be in the market for a QB after the kind of money they lavished on Nick Foles.

Free agency could be part of all this.  Anybody want to rent-a-vet for a couple of years?

Where does Tom Brady wind up at age 43?  Stay in New England, look at the Charges-Raiders?

Does Philip Rivers suddenly become an Indianapolis Colt, or go to Tennessee?

Does Tampa Bay want to keep turnover prone big play QB-Jameis Winston, or will they become a player in the free agent market, and put Winston and his interceptions on the open market..

Taysom Hill could also test the market, though most believe the Swiss Army-knife talent stays in New Orleans.

Ryan Tannehill comes off a really good season, coming off the bench for Tennessee and might get an offer somewhere else.

Teddy Bridgewater comes off a bounce back season as the backup with the Saints, and become an off the radar type guy, who has proven again he can play.

The whole Dak Prescott debate will swirl on till the Cowboys and the QB’s agent figured out how Dallas can afford to keep him, take care of Amari Cooper, and deal with the free agents they could lose on defense.

And reports that people like Carolina, might try to jump into the top five to draft an heir apparent to Cam Newton, coming off multiple years of surgeries.

A fun week ahead of us in Indy at the combine.

The 8-QBs on the draft board and the 8-veteran free agent quarterbacks about to go on the open market.

A quarterback derby about to begin, like we’ve never seen before.


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