1-Man’s Opinion on Sports–Wednesday “NFL-vs-MLB-Battle over QB & Bat”

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“Kyler Murray-NFL-vs-MLB”


This indeed is going to be very interesting, this tug-of-war between baseball and football for Oklahoma Sooners quarterback Kyler Murray.

The Heisman Trophy winner put up staggering numbers this past year in leading the Sooners to the College Football playoffs.

Throw it-run it, he did it all in triggering an onslaught of records at OU, in the Big 12, and at the NCAA level.

When he was finished, Murray had (4,669Y) passing and 44-TDs. On the ground, he scrambled for (1110Y) rushing and added 13-TDs. The season video game numbers, (5,779) all purpose yards and 57-Touchdowns.

All that from a baseball prospect, drafted by the Oakland Athletics in the 1st round in June as an outfielder. He was given a 4.6M bonus by the Athletics and given the green light to play this last year of football at Oklahoma.

But now, coming off this Heisman Year, he is playing the leverage game. He is filing for the NFL draft and wants to go to the combine in Indianapolis.

His baseball athletic skills are unquestioned. He hit (.296) with 10-homers, 47-RBIs and 10-stolen bases.

He worked out with the Athletics team in the Arizona Summer League but did not play games.

Prior to that, a year ago, hit hit just (.176) in the Cape Cod summer league against other top college players.

There are all types of questions to be answered. Can a 5’10, 190 pound great college quarterback, play like that in the NFL. Russell Wilson has, Drew Bree’s has, but lots haven’t.

Can stats in the aluminum bat world of college baseball, equate to the same with a wooden bat at places like Bluefield or Columbia in the lower minor leagues?

What does Murray really want? Be a two sport athlete? Aside from Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders, it does not happen very often, and never with a quarterback, where the time commitment at the position is unbelievable. Or are we looking at a smaller version of Tim Tebow?

Murray has the ace card in his pocket. To the A’s, the message is ‘show me the money’ reportedly a 15M-package for his first contract with a 40-man spot on a roster.

For the NFL, draft me in the first round, pay me that slot money, and watch me play in the NFL. Is he a Wilson-Lamar Jackson or a Robert Griffin III?

This will be a fun couple of months after watching the video game stats he put on the table in football, and wondering if stats like that are coming in baseball too?


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