1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday “NFL-Wins Great-Losses Not”

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“NFL–Got to Win–Lose Awful”

Headlines, we have headlines.
NFL winners are happy.
Life is miserable if you don’t win.

Headlines from NFL cities…columnists comments…coaches sayings..coming off losses”:

CHICAGO…”Incompetence”…that sums it up after the Bears wound up with (48Y) in total offense getting shutout by Cleveland.  Pity rookie QB-Justin Fields sacked nine times, finishing the day with 1-yard passing after a (6-20) throwing day.  Coach Matt Nagy under alot of fire.

PITTSBURGH…”Complete System Failure”…was the way it read after Steelers lost at home to the doormat Bengals..A horrible passing day for Ben Roethlisberger, no run game, a limited passing game, and no QB sacks for the first time in ages…The Pittsburgh offensive front is a mess too.  RB-Najee Harris had 14-catches on checkdown passes all day.

JETS…”We’re better than this”…so says new coach Robert Saleh…His rookie QB-Zach Wilson is under siege right now, he has lost his top offensive lineman and his two starting DEs are on the IR list.  Might be better than this-doubtful-just not enough quality players…Organizational failure.

LIONS..”Making progress”…it doesn’t look that way in the standings, but this (0-3) team plays hard, though the Matthew Stafford syndrome continues-way too much reliance on QB-Jared Goff to carry the team..Going to take time-but you hope they don’t lose what quality players they have because of the NFL injury factor

JAGUARS..”Weekly in the NFL is like playing Alabama each week” and so Urban Meyer has been welcomed to the NFL with knockout punches weekly.

SEATTLE…”Not a complete team”…so says Coach Pete Carroll…Defense surely no longer what it was even with stars like Bobby Wagner and Jamal Adams and the protection problems still the same.

CHIEFS…”Careless-sloppy-not focused”…Who could imagine a Kansas City offense with 6-turnovers in the last 6-quarters of play and back to back losses to the Ravens-Chargers…Lots of football to be played but there seem to be roster issues.

PATRIOTS…”This is not us”…But maybe it is…because since Tom Brady left New England, Bill Belichick’s team is (8-11) since Brady became a Tampa Bay Buc.

COLTS…”Not the same team”…No Carson Wentz has not been the type of QB-Philip Rivers this team last year…Injuries are part of the issue under that Dome but bigger question is whether Wentz will ever stay healthy and get back to the point he was as a young QB with the Eagles playoff team.


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