1-Man’s Opinion on Sports-Wednesday. “Padres-Be Bold-Go Outside the Box”

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“Padres-Be Bold-Outside the Box”


You remember him don’t you?

Showed up at Petco Park and won the Home Run Derby in the All Star game last July.

Hit 61-total homers in the 3-levels of competition.

You might not be following him right now.

He’s the one atop the stat sheet, with 43-homers this season,, playing on a lousy Miami Marlins team.

You know him don’t you?

The maverick, rogue, free spirited GM of the Padres, AJ Preller.

The one who went on that spending spree and was unafraid to trade a chunk of his farm system, to try things out with Matt Kemp, Justin Upton, Melvin Upton and James Shields.

He’s the one who has spent a year and a half signing virtually all the hot prospects in the International free agent world.

So now I ask you to connect the dots between the Marlins and the Padres.

New ownership is coming into Miami, led by Derek Jeter. They are going to shop Stanton and his monster contract shortly.

Yes the Marlins slugger has 10-years left on this mega deal, that will pay him 29M per year at the end.

It will cost alot of payroll to get him. It will cost alot of talent to trade for him.

The Padres have added 91-young draft picks and free agents since June 1st of 2016.

They are loaded with pitchers, excelling at almost every level in the farm system.

They’ve uncovered some promising prospects they got in trades, some already here, others on their way.

Of all the teams in baseball, the Padres will have more payroll space than anyone, thanks to their young roster. And they have enough talent in the farm system, they have 8-minor league clubs in all, to execute a mult player deal.

And the Padres now own the sports market with the ownership of the Chargers chasing the dollars in Los Angeles.

The corporate sponshorship money in this market could be amazing, if there is a quality team on the field.

Signing all that talent was part of a game plan to fix this franchise. A bunch would arrive at Petco Park. Some of the others could be trade chips.

Could you imagine a Padres batting order of Stanton, Renfroe, Myers, Margot, Spangenberg, Hedges and a host of young guys still to be delivered?

The payroll will be low for the next 5-years because virtually all these young players are controllable for years.

Why not take a plunge? Why not move up the calendar a year or two? By the time the arms are here in 2-seasons, all the young bats will be in place, with Giancarlo Stanton as the centerpiece.

He likes to hit in Petco? Wouldn’t he look good.hitting in Petco? The Padres need to think outside the box to put a winning team in Petco don’t they?

Step outside the box. Go get a bomber to stand in the batter’s box.

You remember Giancarlo Stanton? Don’t you think he’d look good hitting home runs, lots of them, in Padres colors?


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