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Padres-Eric Hosmer-Hits HR at Press Conference


Padres….Eric Hosmer goes thru first workout with team after impressive press conference at spring training camp…Ready to play-assume leadership-take team to next level. Highlites fro opening press conference:

AJ Preller quotes
..Interviewed people coached him-played with him-played against him
..Alot of people behind the scenes gave us a lot of information behind the scenes
..Onership started 3-years ago started building a foundation-farm system
..We spent a record 100M in one year to layer in right players-pieces yearly
..Knew we would add free agent and trade pieces-now is the time
..Our plan will allow us to be successful for a long time
..Eric brings a lot to the table..2-way player
..Best around the bag-premium on being an athlete
..Best part of process-digging into the person-learning about him
..Show daily-passion for the game..love of game..the intellect..relates to people
..Example of what he did in Kansas City..young players come together
..Wanted guys who were short term fit and guys be good player for years
..This is not about 2020 to arrive-work everyday to get better every day
..Feel good about clubhouse..and about guys who are coming
..Visited with Eric in Florida and San Diego-wants to win every day
..This is big piece, stake in ground to accelerate the process of team growth
..Core group of Padres must come internally..at right time..add right piece in free agency
..We look at 1-year..3-year…5-year plans
..Right player-right contract-right time to sign this player
..Wil Myers came and said he was big Hosmer fan-would move back to outfield-that was big
..Eric loves coming to work-loves clubhouse-chemistry component-love for game-important factors

Eric Hosmer-quotes
..Have had great moments playing in San Diego
..Fun to see Padres vision-where lead young group of guys
..I did a lot of research of Padres organization-leadership
..Fun part was evaluating team here and team coming
..Impressed so many pitching prospects in farm system
..Excited to be in lockeroom-know players-help maximize their talent
..I grew up in game in baseball from 18years of age-became a man thru game
..Want to show these young guys the way it goes
..Leadership is important-guy been there…been with team got there
..Different relationship when you win a World Championship-best time of my life
..Royals taught me how to he best player-person-father
..Whole off season was to weigh options-like organization
..Took a lot of time to weigh Royals-Padres-Red Sox options-I enjoyed it
..Nothing changes with me because of money-my mentality is the same
..Fortunate to put uniform on every day-love of game-lead by example
..See lots similarities in San Diego when young guys turned Royals around
..In 2011-young guys called up…young players kept coming-came together
..Excited to be the veteran to lead the young guys thru the process
..8-year deal-wanted deal made sense for both team and player
..To win championship in Kansas City was amazing-what it means to city
..Live that moment-it drives you as a player
..Loved direction organization going…love people trying to climb the mountain
..Hardest part was process of free agency was so slow.
..Wanted to wear #30 in honor late Royals pitcher Yordano Ventura
..Petco Park likes me-All Star game-WBClassic-like environment
..Petco-ball jumps out now..become hitters park
..Scoreboard in Petco in leftfield-helps ball move
..Atmosphere when you win is so much fun

Owner Ron Fowler-quotes
..Eric Hosmer-checked off every box
..Prepared go after a player early-That’s how good we think he is

Scott Boras-quotes
..Organization a volcano of hot-talent lava
..Turn lava into rock is very hard to do-Padres can do this
..Eric Hosmer has been thru that in Kansas City-prospect into championship rock
..Give credit to AJ to learn about Eric-family-athlete
..Brings prestige to game..reward for his completeness as player
..Eric is example of why baseball needs to do more than just metrics
..Industry is changing right now-but industry revolves around talent
..Padres staff is driven towards competition…annually to be better
..Signing says a lot about of ownership and direction in San Diego

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